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Oct 4, 2012 08:23 AM

College & Yonge Area

Hey follow foodies, a friend is coming from out of town this weekend and staying at College and Yonge. I would like to take him to a nice restaurant in the area, but am kind of unfamiliar. A quick cab ride or nice walk is fine- and am willing to pay a little bit than your typical chain restaurant. Let me know! thanks guys!

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  1. Nothing really around that area. More choices either up near Bloor or south to King. Any kind of preference? Asian? French? Italian?

    Edit: actually Guu, a Japanese Izakaya, is on Church south of College. But it's kind of noisy, not sure what your definition of "nice" is.

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      Honestly, Im not picky of atmosphere, location or food, as long as its clean! My favourite restaurants in Toronto are ToMeKro, and Le Select if that gives you an idea of what I'm in to. But then I love going to all the little dark spots on Ossington. I am willing to try something completely new and love all kinds of food.

      1. re: sdicroce

        I really like Fire on the East Side. Good brunch too!

        W Burger Bar might fit your need as well. I went once, I thought it was ok, nothing special. But it has its fans.

        Barberians for a classic, old school steakhouse. Never been but supposedly real good.

        7 West is a fun, cute 24 hour hangout spot. Pretty decent food too.

        Also, my friends swear by Wish. I've never been.

        Good luck!

        1. re: magic

          Thanks magic! Ive been to Wish and 7West, which are under the same owner I believe. Have you been to Smith? Pretty sure Smith is affiliated with Wish and 7. Haven't been there yet, wondering you have any comments?

          1. re: sdicroce

            Never even heard of Smith! Sorry, sdicroce :S

          2. re: magic

            re: 7 West

            magic, what do you like to order at 7 West?

            I've found the Club sandwich to be pretty good, but some of the rest of 7 West's menu has fallen short of decent when I've visited. Dips were commercial-tasting. Cakes look/taste like LaRocca, fine for what they are, but might as well buy a whole cake at Loblaws instead of paying 7 West around $8/slice. Hopefully the guy who made my last cappuccino has learned how to make a decent cappuccino since my last visit, or stopped making cappuccino/coffee at 7 West. His cappuccino was undrinkable- it was a bitter, watery mess with almost no milk and no foam. When I let him know, he insisted he made the best cappuccino in TO! He made me another terrible cappuccino, I had a sip, and left the rest of it on the table. And I'm not a coffee snob! It's one of 2 cappuccinos I haven't been able to drink, out of the hundreds I've ordered over the last 15 years!

            Barberian's is an excellent steakhouse.

            Adega is a good option for seafood and/or Portuguese food on Elm St.

            1. re: prima

              I've always enjoyed the Moroccan stew at 7 West. I'm also a big fan of Smith and Wish. Small menu, but nice offerings. Both are good for brunch and both have cool atmospheres.

              Another option: The Queen and Beaver on Elm is good for pub fare (better than average).

              1. re: topbanana

                Thanks. Will have to check out the brunches at Smith and Wish one of these days. Nice to see both do a Sat brunch, as well as a Sun brunch.

                Smith brunch - want to try the fattoush with a poached egg, and the huevos.

                Wish: Grilled nutella sandwich sounds good!

              2. re: prima

                Sorry for the delay!

                I used to go to 7 West quite a bit, but it's probably been a good 7 years since I was last there.

                I used to like getting their ham and cheese melt on a bagel. It was very tasty, stick to your ribs and comforting. Very nicely done.

                Their desserts have always been brought in and I rarely ordered them. You are correct.

                Will I go to bat for their entire menu? No. But I did like those ham/cheese bagel melts! But it's been years since I last there so who knows......

        2. Other people haven't been that impressed, but I enjoyed my last meal at La Bettola on Victoria. I liked the atmosphere, and the prices are roughly the same price as you'd find at some chain restaurants. Within a 15-20 minute walk of Yonge & College,depending on how fast you walk.

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            I have been to La Bettola a few times now and have always had a great meal with excellent service. The room is nice as well.

            Underrated option for the area, that doesn't get mentioned enough in my mind

            Their Pappardelle is always pretty spot on

            1. re: gwanderc

              I haven't tried that yet! Been to osteria- good suggestion- thanks!

          2. Cha Lau is nearby and is a clean, but pricier option for dim sum...
            The Crown Princess (also clean and pricy) is a bit further away on Bay Street, north of Wellesley. I think Cha Lau is aiming more at "western" clientele compared to CP....not saying that's a bad thing.

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              1. I've had good luck with the Queen and Beaver. Wouldn't be a long walk.