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Oct 4, 2012 08:15 AM

Linguini with Clams

I know this is a specific request, but the husband and i are planning a trip in November. Last night he mentioned that he wanted a really great Italian meal - specifically linguini with claims. Any suggestions for where we might find this? Thanks

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  1. Lincoln serves an excellent version with clams, pancetta, shishito peppers and breadcrumbs.

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      1. Their only pasta I've had was a delicious lobster w spaghetti, but I can't imagine you'd go wrong with Esca.

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          I had Esca's spaghetti alle vongole a couple of months ago and it was inedibly salty. I mean truly inedible. The server warned us it was salty, and I like salt, so I said fine. But I couldn't eat it. Didn't send it back because I was warned about the salt, but it tasted like they'd spilled an entire carton of salt in there.

          My dining companion's spaghetti with lobster was delicious, though.

          1. re: equilibrist

            They have been making it like that forever. The chef does not care what the customers think. It is terrible.

            1. re: sushiman

              Huh. Well, why would he do that? Does *anyone* really like it? maybe someone with a sodium deficiency.

            2. re: equilibrist

              I've only had the lobster w spaghetti, which was outstanding, but could see how saltiness might be an issue. Odd that a server would warn you--would suggest they like (or accept it) that way. Need not be, of course.

              1. re: bob96

                I would guess that they have gotten many complaints and had to take the dish back and comp another dish -- so forewarned means you pay if you complain it is "too salty".

                I generally find myself reaching for the salt shaker in NYC restaurants, and I enjoy eating at Esca even though I once had a server become impatient with me about my order. He didn't think I was taking advantage of the house specialties and was ordering a pedestrian meal. I interrupted him and told him to please just bring me what I wanted.

                1. re: barberinibee

                  Bravo. There seems to be a general Batali connection to saltiness, if not always to presumptuous waiters. Your interruption reminds me of one of mine, at a once hot Tribeca trattoria, where the waiter offered to select for us a wine that he liked. I said I'd choose one I liked. This was also the place where I ordered, with great anticipation, a baccala in umido, only to find myself eating fresh cod. The same waiter seemed not to think anything odd of it.

          2. maialino has (or had) a fantastic linguini with clams.

            1. YOu have to leave Manhattan to get the best and go to Don Peppe.

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                Yes, DP has great linguini w/claims. I thought Mailano's version to be bland. Frankly, I haven't had an outstanding version in quite some time. I believe the one I had a Babbo a year or so back was very very good.

                1. re: comiendosiempre

                  I've had linguine and white clam at Babbo and Osteria Morini recently. That being said, I agree no Manhattan version compares to Don Peppe in Queens (by JFK airport).

                  1. re: deepfry7

                    Thanks All - we are going to try and make it to Don Peppe, but i apprecaiate all the suggestions. I also appreciate overlooking my typo/spelling error :) If you ever make it to New Orleans be sure to check in for tips - we love company!!

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                      Ennio and Michael's linguini with white clam sauce was as good as Don Peppe's ,as did their clams oreganata. However, they are no longer in business. Joe's from MacDougal St. also was great on those dishes. Joe's no longer around either. Joe's was where Ennio and Michael, Il Mulino, Pirandello, Bocconcino and about 6 other restaurants had the waiters that became owners of the above mentioned restaurants.

                  2. re: sushiman

                    Totally second Don Peppe. Bring cash , no credit cards accepted, they also have the best baked clams. Also, no reservations accepted. Good people watching place ( not celebs, more like Sopranos).

                  3. Linguine with clams is a Neapolitan dish (please note the correct spelling, it means little tongues, I.e. lingua, linguine, hence linguine). Everywhere else in Italy it is made with spaghetti.

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                      Bar Pitti is my favorite linguine w/clams in Manhattan