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New Jersey by way of New Orleans

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Yea, I do that when I visit Jersey. Nothing like Mud City's garlic mussels, Jersey pizza (Vic's in Bradley Beach, best anywhere), real pastrami on sure enough real rye and warm bagels with belly lox ...OMG!

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  1. Vic's pizza is awesome, that's for sure! Have you ever tried their chopped salad?
    It is delicious!!!! You also need to venture into the Iron Bound section of Newark for authentic Portugese food-if you have a taste for that.

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      Ok , now we're talking.....Seabra's Marisqueira still serves the best Portuguese in NJ.

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        OMG!!! That is my family's favorite Portugese restaurant!! The seafood display by the bar is great. Have you ever tried their grilled sardines? If you have-you will NEVER eat canned sardines again. And their garlic shrimp is divine! I'm hungry now!! Have you eaten at Iberia? Their Sangria is amazing, as well as their stuffed red snapper. My NOLA flight leaves & returns from Newark, but I'm always too stuffed to eat when we land!! Might have to get some take out!

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          Seabra's is the only Portuguese restaurant I dine at, Have been going there for maybe 12/14 years.Iberia is now tourist central, but you must try Hamburgao...the Brazilian burger joint around the corner from Seabra's

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            Hamburgao? Sounds pretty interesting-I'll have to check it out. Friends of my mother used to own Ferry Street Liqours. His wife made a mean Mariscada. I can still taste the fresh octopus & shrimp. Man, this granola bar sucks.

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              I still purchase my Port from Ferry street Liquors. and Bacalao,oil and seasonings at Seabra's market.

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                The Ironbound is a world all of itself, isn't it? The bakeries, the bars, the restaurants-all wonderful!! If you are ever in NJ in July-you must partake in Portugal Day in the Ironbound. There are parades, street vendors, outdoor cafes, all the restaurants have specials. It is a great day! It's usually always on a Sunday in July.

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                  It has become the one area of Newark that I feel totally safe walking,shopping and dining at night. The residents take great pride in their surroundings and it shows so now with fall upon us,we like to make a day of it and hit the grocery's, coffee shops,restaurants and pretend we're back in Cascais.