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Oct 4, 2012 06:40 AM


Anyone been to Rome lately? Any suggestions/comments beyond just pointing to the usual or kosher in Rome lists? thanks.

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  1. I could eat at Nonna Betta every single night for the rest of my life. They were also really nice and made sandwiches for us for the next day to take on day trips.

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    1. re: mamaleh

      I just saw that Nonna Betta is no longer certified by the Beit Din of Rome. So sad!!!

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        Yes, I just saw the same thing! I love(d) their spaghetti carbonara, with zucchini as a delicious substitute for pancetta.
        A friend had told me that they now have two menus, one meat and one dairy, so I checked and, of course, no longer under rabbinical supervision and no longer claiming to be kosher but rather "kosher style"

    2. When we were in Rome, we stayed in a wonderuf Kosher B&B called La Casa di Eva: Had a great time and a wonderful Kosher breakfast every morning!

      1. We went to Rome last year and Nonna Betta had the best reviews that I could find, but I wasn't terribly impressed. They pushed multiple courses, but we found that we were okay with just one. The place that knocked our socks off, from appetizer to dessert and especially the pasta, was Ba Ghetto Milky.

        1. Shabbos meals? Small hotel near synagogue? Great food?

          Just realized that I'll land in Rome, have two nights there, then return to Rome on a Friday to fly out on Sunday.

          So, looking for advice on rack and manger.

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            We got Shabbat catered by a local woman (janet rubin <>) and delivered to our hotel and we rented a hot plate from her too. This was the info she gave:

            I suggest the following MenĂ¹ that can be changed at your preference and

            Friday evening:

            Stewed fresh salmon with Mayonnaise (or Lasagne)

            plus stewed meat balls with carrots and green peas, fruit salad or cake

            Saturday Lunch:

            Fettuccini with tomato & meat sauce

            plus schnitzel (or roasted chicken), roasted potatoes or grilled vegetables,
            fruit salad or cake

            The cost per meal per person is Euro 25

            Wine & Challot Euro 10

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              There's also restaurants in the Jewish ghetto that will do the same, but I'm not sure how to arrange that from afar, nor if that's possible to do last minute on a Friday. Maybe you could arrange it when you fly in the first time.