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Oct 4, 2012 06:31 AM

The triple AAA bar is doing the opening soon - The Texas style restaurant in the Toronto

Yes? Hi! There is the new Bar-B-Que spot doing the opening soon. at the adelaide and jarvis. It says it is the texas kind of BBQ.

I am wanting to hear if it is the super goodness or the dumb.

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  1. Pretty much every pitmaster in Texas would roll their eyes at the notion of "bourbon soaked oak."

    1. Crappy hours for me.


      1. "Texas inspired but uniquely Canadian"
        Does that mean we're all inspired by Texas - or only 1 of us? (OK own-up who is it?).

        And who prefers Canadian Bourbon to Texas Bourbon?!!!!!!!!

        I guess the Canadian part is that they've substituted oak for hickory; Canadian beef for Pastured (or Longhorn), Bourbon (why? - what about maple syrup).
        Perhaps the unique part is that they have TV's and Wi-Fi in Toronto.

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        1. re: estufarian

          All Bourbon comes only from Kentucky. Period. Canadian Bourbon is like Canadian Champagne as in it isn't.

          1. re: estufarian

            I think we're being a little hard on Triple A Bar and Gangster Burger. These guys didn't open restaurants because they are good at conceptualizing restaurants.

            Hopefully the food will taste good, regardless of the provenance of their bourbon and beef.

            I hope they add ordinary fried chicken to the menu, in addition to the chicken and waffles.

            Smoked Beef Brisket 15-


            Smoked Dry Rub Ribs 15-


            Texas Chili 14-


            Chicken 'n Waffles 14-


            Pulled Pork Sandwich 12-


            Creamed Corn 3-
            Potato Salad 3-
            Coleslaw (spicy or regular) 3-

            1. re: prima

              I think the menu looks good. I'm looking forward to trying the chicken and waffles. Wish they were open for lunch though.

              1. re: prima

                This is not traditional Texas. Pulled pork is not Texas BBQ at all. Real Texas is beef - brisket and beef ribs. No pork. Red eye sauce is also as common as not. Most importantly, if you don't get white bread automatically with the meal, it ain't Texas BBQ.

                1. re: evansl

                  You are mistaken. Pulled pork and pork ribs are traditional in Central Texas (Austin). Check out Franklin BBQ's menu in Austin arguably the best central Texas BBQ.

                  1. re: pourboi

                    Dam straight. Aaron Franklin's Q has only been around for 5 years, but is the best in central Texas. I've been there several times and although known for beef, they feature ribs, sausage and even turkey. Most joints in Texas have a wide variety of meats, even the little weekend trailers at the gas stations. I had sweetwater duck at Goode Company years ago back in Houston and smoked kidney sammys in Waco.

                    1. re: TorontoTuna

                      And Franklin's does not even have beef ribs on their regular menu or red eye sauce.. but yes a whole stack of white bread..

                      1. re: pourboi

                        Well, the best Q joint in Texas is Fargo's Pit BBQ in Bryan. Their Brisket is a shade better then Franklin's, but their pork ribs and smoked chicken is legendary. And to cater to your Wonder Bread fetish, yea they got it.

                    2. re: pourboi

                      No, you are mistaken. Sure, you can get pulled port there now like you can get Mexican food in Paris now. That doesn't make it traditional. Go to any real traditional Texas BBQ like Kreuzer's and there is no pork. When was the last time you saw cowboy's driving a herd of pigs?

                      1. re: evansl

                        Pulled pork recently is served in some places in Texas, but I would never order it. Pork spare ribs are served in almost every place in Texas, while beef ribs are in relatively few. Why? I have no clue and I love beef ribs and would order if available. My credentials, native Texan but have traveled across most of the USA, many parts of Mexico, and a bit of Canada. Love Toronto.

                        1. re: evansl

                          Here are the three pork options at Kreuz, no pulled pork fortunately. Almost all Texas BBQ places do pork spare ribs. My favorite is City Market in Luling, just down the road a piece from Lockhart. (no website)


                          1. re: evansl

                            No you are mistaken.. first of all there are many different styles of BBQ in Texas from Central to Low Country to East Texas all unique all traditional Texas..

                            Second "Cowboys on the trail" do not have time to stop and smoke a cow for 14hours... Cowboys grilled their meat. What is now considered BBQ in Texas is Smoked meat.

                            The history of Smoking meat in Texas originates from:

                            "European meat smoking traditions were brought by German and Czech settlers in Central Texas during the mid-19th century. The original tradition was that butchers would smoke leftover meat that had not been sold so that it could be stored and saved. As these smoked leftovers became popular among the migrants in the area many of these former meat markets evolved to specialize in these smoked meats." -

                            And as you know Germans love their PORK. So from the mid 1800's pork has been smoked in Texas that is not a "recent" thing.. in fact they were probably smoking pork BEFORE they started smoking beef and then used the same technique that they had used for pork in the old country to cure the excess of beef. This then became what we now consider Traditional Texas BBQ.

                            PS notice "Kreuz" is a German name...

                            1. re: pourboi

                              Cowboys are pretty much as gone today as the mustache cup. Free range is a gonner, replaced by oil rigs and fracking devices. Cowboys on the trail did not eat refrigerator on ye 'ol chuck wagon. They ate beans, bacon, hardtack and fatback. To lose a cow was to lose out in the end of the drive bonus. They did eat squirrel, rabbit, mule deer and prairie foul to supplement their diet. I do business in Austin and environs and have tipped many a brew with old cowboys, and bacon was their staple meat.

                        2. re: evansl

                          When I think of Texas BBQ, i think.....brisket, ribs, turkey and sausage. Been to Kreuz, Black's and Smitty's in Lockhart and that's what you get. Pulled pork is not on the menu....ever.

                          1. re: MeMeMe

                            evensl stated "Real Texas is beef - brisket and beef ribs. No pork." I was trying to get across that pork is Texas BBQ as well.. especially Pork ribs... which are definately served in Lockhart!

                            1. re: pourboi

                              I lived in Dallas for work for a few years. The original Sonny Bryan's was not too far from the office and would go there at least once a week. Brisket was their specialty, but they definitely had pulled pork on the menu and it was awesome. Doubt it was on the menu when they started but they go back to 1910 supposedly.

                    3. The original comment has been removed
                      1. Picture of the brisket looks dry. Which is too bad because I've got lots of time for brisket.

                        Maybe I'll give it a shot anyways. God I love brisket.