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Oct 4, 2012 06:20 AM

shipping taylor ham

my kids moved from NJ to denver area. planning a visit in early november.
what is best way to bring out taylor ham. should i freeze it and keep in insulated bag in suitcase. is it as good if you freeze it.

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  1. Ah. Taylor pork roll. Lovely stuff, but it spoils quickly...gets moldy. I'd start by checking sell-by dates and get the newest one they have. The bigger the roll (like the giant one they have at BJs) the longer to warm-up. I'd be inclined to freeze it and wrap it in styrofoam sheeting, but I've never done it either, so I don't know how it'll come out.

    1. Go to their web site - - and have them ship it for you.

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        Odds are extremely good that you can't ship an appropriately wrapped package for less than they can.

      2. Born in NJ and now can buy it at my local market. I would buy the one pound rolls, freeze them solid and them pack in an insulated case with sealed cold packs. That should be fine for a trip that takes less than a day.