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Oct 4, 2012 06:12 AM

Lobster Roll at TJ's on Oak Lawn

As a follow up to the lobster roll discussion last week, I stopped by Carbonne's on my way home from the office yesterday and noticed the TJ's next door was open so I went in to check it out. Nice spot and the display case was impressive. But the first thing I noticed was a lobster roll on the menu so I promptly ordered it. As I was asking the gal behind the counter some questions about it, Jon Alexis came out to answer some questions. Oddly, I can' remember if he said the lobster on the roll came from a 1 lb lobster or if it was 1 lb of lobster (which seems like a lot) but either way it had a very generous amount of lobster in it. In my experience people from the Northeast who grew up on this sandwich are very rigid in how it should be made and what is authentic in their opinion. I've not had enough experience with them to be any judge of that but in my opinion this is by far the best lobster roll I've had in Dallas - no contest. The roll appears to be a New England type lobster roll and the inside of it is lightly griddled. It is filled with nice big chunks of sweet lobster (which Alexis said is always fresh-never frozen) and then drizzled with a thyme butter - lemon on the side. Very simply prepared and no mayo so if you are in the mayo camp you might want to ask for some on the side. Served with one side (choice of 2 or 3) - I had the grilled asparagus and they were very well prepared. Oh yeah, it rings up at $22 - not cheap by any means but well worth it to me for a really good lobster roll with lots of lobster on it. I'll definitely go back and order another one.

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    1. re: zeruel13

      Has anyone had the lobster roll at Daddy Jack's? I'm specifically curious about the Sundance Square (FW) location, but the Greenville location would be an indicator. (looks like they're opening one in Southlake also)

      1. re: CocoaNut

        And, would they please post the cost of said lobster roll as well.

        1. re: twinwillow

          Their menu said 13.95 or something close - definitely 13.

        2. re: CocoaNut

          Never mind - read descriptions, saw pics.

      2. Knowing TJ's, I'm sure it was very good. But at $22.00, I'll stay with Sea Breeze's lobster roll for only $14.00.

        As a 99 percenter, I'm not interested in paying the premium for eating in Highland Park.
        I think Nosh offers good value. But, as good as it is for what you get, I think Carbone's is overpriced.

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        1. re: twinwillow

          I've never had a lobster roll! Is there any place where I could just grab a quick one to go? With out sitting in a restaurant?

          1. re: ChefJM

            Sea Breeze ($14.00)
            Rex Seafood ($18.00)
            TJ's Grill ($22.00)

            1. re: ChefJM

              You can get a lobster roll to go from any of these places - the one I had yesterday from TJ's was to go. In fact, every one I 've had has been to go. How long that takes just depends on how busy they are. If I remember correctly, Rex's only serves them on Friday - I haven't been in there for awhile but if I remember they got pretty slammed at lunchtime on Fridays so it could take a minute. Can't remember to go time at Seabreeze and TJ's is yet to be determined - mine came out right away but no one else was waiting on an order either.

          2. Each lobster roll has their own slightly different take.

            Rex's is on a roll with a thyme butter sauce. Very simple and let's the lobster be front and center. This being said, the lobster was differently better tasting than any of the others in town.

            However this is not what I would consider a traditional New England style roll.

            So far, I would rate
            #1 Tjs or Rex's depending if you are looking for pure traditional roll or not.
            2 .....
            3 Seabreeze. Sorry but no way does seabreeze hang with either TJS or Rex's

            TJS $22
            Rex's $14 Lunch or $28 dinner. Note that at dinner the roll is around 1lb.
            Seabreeze $14. Close to work and home, so I go there on a more regular basis.

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            1. re: irodguy

              To avoid confusion for others, did you mean to say TJ's is on a roll with thyme butter? Because that is TJ's lobster roll and I don't remember Rex's being like that...