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Oct 4, 2012 05:53 AM

Best Breakfast Places Around D.C

Hi Foodies,

I am planning to go to D.C on Sat morning and looking for best BREAKFAST places. Plan to spend the day there so if there are other NOT TO MISS CHOWDOWN places please refer as I plan to go hungry : )

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  1. Buy this months Washingtonian which ranks the top 50 places to eat breakfast

    1. The Market Lunch at Eastern Market would be my vote....

      1. Bob & Edith's for breakfast.

        Witlow's on Wilson for brunch.

        1. For straight ahead breakfast, the Tune Inn serves it up.

          1. Tune Inn, Market Lunch, Tortilla Cafe.. If you're really into greasy spoons, there's Pete's Cafe across from the Library of Congress and Lincoln House Waffle Shop across from Ford's Theater. They haven't changed the grease there since Lincoln got shot.

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              Don't forget Steak 'n Egg Kitchen in Tenleytown. Greasy, but good. And, they're 24/7.