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Oct 4, 2012 05:18 AM

Lunch near The Shoppes at Farmington Valley, CT

Just did a search, but didn't come up with anything too interesting. We're planning a shopping jaunt, and looking for good, funky, real, non-chain place(s), any cuisine, for lunch. Any recommendations?

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  1. maybe run over to LaSalle Market in Collinsville?

      1. re: brookerme

        Thanks. Any recommendations for more ethnic cuisine.....latin, asian?

      2. Feng right in the shopping plaza is pretty good -
        Also just down the street is The Green Papaya - Thai/Laotian, very good, small but great service and food
        Further down in Old Avon Village (probably 10-15 mins straight shot down Rt 44) is the Elephant Trail - thai, another favorite of ours
        Joe Pizza mentioned below has great burgers, thin crust pizza, and truly excellent eggplant fries.
        One more thought for more "Funky" in nature - head down into New Hartford (straight shot down Rt 44 - 10/15 mins) and go to Blue Sky Foods - they have limited fall hours so check in advance.



          Elephant Trail is further down Rt. 44, but they do have excellent Thai food
          Avon Indian Grill, also on Rt. 44 has a nice lunch buffet
          Blue Sky Foods in New Hartford is very funky, but as TnTinCT mentioned, be sure to call ahead for hours

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            Thanks so much, everyone. Looks like The Green Papaya or Elephant Trail. Blue Sky looked really appealing, but is closed the day we'll be there. Chowhounders score again.

            1. re: mjoyous

              Had a lovely lunch at Green Papaya; one pad thai, one curry pot. Both very good. Thanks for sending us there.