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Oct 4, 2012 05:06 AM

36 hours near Ohio Wesleyan

We're looking at the school this weekend and we're looknig for b'fasts, lunches and dinners within a 20 minute drive. Any help will be appreciated

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  1. A 20-minute drive pretty much limits you to Delaware (the town where campus is) itself. For dinner, 1808 and Amatos are your best bet. The former is a bit uneven, but the food is solid for the most part and the best Delaware has to offer. They also have an extensive beer list at good prices, all beers are half off M-F 5-7. Amato's is thin-crust pizza. Solid pizza, nice toppings, well worth the visit. Both of the former are closed on Mondays (and both are open for lunch). Also for lunch there is an ok greek place called Opa, a decent (though maybe a bit expensive for what it is) sandwich place called Chelly Belly, and a new-ish chain restaurant called J. Gumbo that is getting good reviews from colleagues of mine.

    Breakfasts are a little tougher. Hamburger Inn is a local greasy spoon--very popular with the students. There is also a coffee shop called Mean Bean that has pastries and the like. On the edge of town on Rte 23 there is a Bob Evans, or east of town on 36/37 there is a Cracker Barrel. (Both of those are within 20 minutes.)

    I would suggest a visit to Whits, a custard place that is Ohio-based. Also a favorite of students.

    Everything mentioned other than the two chains are on Sandusky Street (1808 is one block off Sandusky on Winter St), the main drag that runs through campus and through Delaware.

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      Thanks for your reply. Looking forward to visiting the area. We were going to travel further for food but figured the boy will only be able to travel so far if he goes to school there.

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        I would recommend hanging in Delaware for the evening(s). The students really do spend nearly all of their time in town, so he'll want an idea of what living in Delaware is like. Of course, it's much different as a student. You might even want to eat a meal or two in a dining hall, to get a sense of where students eat most of their meals.