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Oct 3, 2012 08:19 PM

Where to go?

We are a group of 8 that will be looking for food on Saturday night. I live in Vancouver near Broadway and Main but am coming up empty because it's an oddball group. 4 in their mid - late 70's and 4 in our late 40's. One of the oldsters is very hard of hearing, so noisy places are out. No Indian I'm told. That leaves out most of the stuff in our 'hood, I fear. Nuba is too ethnic, Cascade too loud, menu doesn't appeal at Habit, Burgoo and Crave don't take reservations. We wanted to and driving, but I'm thinking that we are going to have to.
What am I missing? Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Is Campagnolo on Main too far away for your group? It's close to the same distance away from Broadway & Main as Crave would be. There's also the French Table . I've never been but heard good things about it when it opened, right across from Crave.

    1. I'm told by Burgoo years ago that groups of about 7 or more can take reservations. Unless they changed the rules.

      I would have suggested Crave too.

      Would you do Chinese ? Golden Great Wall @ Broadway and Heather might work .... high ceilings, tables far apart, no loud music nor patrons. We had a very decent meal and experience a month and half ago there, 4 adults in their 70's, 2 in their 40's and one 6 yr-old.

      Japanese ? Kamei Royale (Ebisu) in the Broadway Plaza (@ Ash). It's upstairs and has a nice panoramic view of downtown and False Creek.

      Eight -1/2 on 8th btwn Main and Quebec ?

      Monk McQueen's ?

      Les Faux Bourgeois on Fraser @ 15th ?

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. In the end, we bbq'd some steaks, drank too much red wine, and were glad we stayed home. I'm loving that in October it's still more than pleasant BBQ weather. I love Vancouver!