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Oct 3, 2012 08:01 PM

One lunch on Lake Como - no budget - where would you choose?


We will be staying in Milan for 4 nights of our honeymoon and will take a day trip to Lake Como (by public transport - so probably to Como and Bellagio). What is the no. 1 meal for lunch in the Lake Como area, easily accessible? Looking for lake views and amazing food, and a unique experience perhaps.

Er PiĆ¹, Il Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, Locanda dell'Isola Comacina, Silvio, Villa D'Este Hotel, anywhere else?? (excuse the hotel names as opposed to the restaurants in some cases, I figured it would be easier to identify).

I think Locanda dell'Isola Comacina looks interesting, wasn't sure if it is a bit kitschy or if it is actually a good experience with nice food?

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  1. I've been to Albergo Silvio and Mistral at Villa Serbelloni. Mistral is apparently gone, and frankly the current restaurant does not look terribly exciting. I can highly recommend Silvio. It is not expensive or fancy, but nonetheless elegant, with superb food and a gorgeous view of the lake. They have their own fishing boat, and serve the day's catch in the restaurant. Very special.

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      Thanks rrems! Silvio definitely does look good, and I have heard a lot of good reviews about it (also great to know to avoid Mistral now). Thanks!

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        If you do pick Silvio, I recommend taking a taxi from Bellagio, especially on a hot day. You can actually walk the distance but I found the road unpleasant even (narrow, too much traffic, needed to walk through a tunnel), plus it was hot that day. There may be a foot path I missed, and the distance is only a mile or less, so it seems faintly ridiculous to take a taxi, but the walk to the restaurant put me in the wrong mood.

        The other thing I would recommend, no matter where you choose, is not to go to Lago di Como on a too-foggy or rainy day, even if you have a restaurant reservation (and depending on what time of year you are traveling, you may need to reserve fairly well in advance at these recommended places). Even if the restaurant itself is so high-end it is a destination, there is very little point to trekking to Bellagio if there's no view. I'd just call to cancel. You can watch the weather on the web.

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          There is a foot path, through the Melfi gardens. It costs a few euros to enter, but is a nice way to walk, without vehicular traffic, between Bellagio and Loppia, where Silvio is located.

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            Thanks for that tip! I recall passing the gate to the gardens, but I just assumed that was the only gate, and that there was no exit on the other side.

    2. Are you willing to take a taxi, or does the restaurant have to be accessible by taxi or boat?

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        Hi Erica, we would definitely consider it... We will just be day tripping from Milan so as long as isn't too far/inconvenient I would love to hear what u have in mind!

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          It is probably too inconvenient for a day trip, but my favorite meal on a Lake Como vacation a few years ago was at La Fagurida, in the fraccione of Rogaro, above Tremezzo.

          I had an excellent lunch at Silvio, and would agree with that recommendation as well. The restaurant will send someone to pick you up from central Bellagio, although we found the walk to be manageable.

          La Fagurida's menu is "land-based," featuring roasts meats, polenta, and hearty mountain fare, while Silvio focuses on fish from the lake, among other dishes.

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            Nice to know that Silvio will provide a ride in needed. My main irritation with the walk may have been the broiling sun that day, plus a lot of weekend motorcycle traffic.