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Oct 3, 2012 07:00 PM


I'm sure this question has been asked, but I was wondering if there are any plans to continue the obsessives series. They're incredibly insightful and well done, it's just shame that it's been so long since a new one has been posted.

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  1. Ditto, mr. shakur-the series puts a well deserved spotlight on food thinkers! I miss the programs too.

    1. I enjoyed both 'obsessives' and the 'my go-to...' series and would be happy to see either one running new videos.

      1. The Obsessives series is the only Chow aspect I have referred people to as a "must see". The segments were really excellent. I wish they would add to the collection.

        1. As the producer of Obsessives (along with Blake Smith and Eric Slatkin), I am always thrilled to hear this viewer feedback. We currently have no plans to bring the Obsessives back for now, but are about to launch 4 new CHOW video series happening in the next two weeks. They are really exciting--I'll update this thread when we have our "preview video" ready in the next couple of days. Thanks for being loyal CHOW viewers,


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              Thanks for the link, the videos seem promising. I hate to pursue the topic, but is there a reason the obsessives series was discontinued? They were just so informative, I really miss them.

              1. re: mr.shakur

                Do pursue it!

                Each time the topic has come up the Chow response has been the same:
                "Thanks! Glad you liked it. Now see the new thing we are doing!"

                Series such as the Obsessives have valuable information, are inspirational and give people serious about food a window to point of view which is hard to get access to in everyday life. This sort of series gives credibility and gains respect from an audience who is not drawn to learning the complexities of oiling zippers.

                It boggles my mind that even with the format in place and repeated requests that the ptb keep being steadily drawn by the tidal pull of watered down content.

              2. re: mudaba

                The Modernist one looks great, but seriously food musical videos? Jersey shore in the kitchen?