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Oct 3, 2012 06:53 PM

Dinner for ten: good food, quiet space $100 total

Looking for somewhere to have a dinner for ten old friends who want to be able to talk and enjoy a great dinner totaling $100 per person. Moderate to moderate heavy wine drinkers, but not overly picky about their plonk. Close to Lincoln center a plus.

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  1. Drjilla - try reposting your question and title it $100 PER PERSON. I almost didn't look at this because I thought it was an impossible request.

    That being said see what Dovetail could do for you.

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      1. Look in to: ilili, Bistro Promenade

        1. Landmarc seems to meet all your criteria. The dinner menu and wine list are both modestly priced and they are very convenient to Lincoln Center. You just ought to book a booth if you want to avoid noisiness.