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Oct 3, 2012 06:17 PM


Anyone have any recommendations for Chengdu? I want to head out there to have some delicious food. Anyone live there and have recommendations for the best food? Price is not a matter (especially in China)

The one place I've found that I would definitely like to go to is Yu's Family Kitchen 喻家厨房.
I've seen quite a few bloggers recommend this and TK supposedly went so that's enough to make me want to go too.

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    1. We got back from Chengdu a month ago. I can tell you that it is one of the best food cities we've ever been to. I will post some recs. I actually just cooked with some of the peppercorn oil we brought back. Delicious and my mouth is tingling!

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          Jeremy - like Quddous I am in Chengdu soon, so good to hear recommendations - unfortunately no language skills so thoughts on ones we can navigate or point.

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            Phil, I will be posting about the restaurants I have researched so far. When will you be in Chengdu? We are there from the 7th until the morning of the 10th of November.

            Side note - have you booked your internal flight to Chengdu yet? I found that china eastern has a website which is harder to find - I purchased a flight there which was 1/3 of the cheapest fare I could find on North American websites.

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              I a there back end of November and booked on CX. I live in HK so I suspect I get pretty standard Asan pricing.

        2. Hi quddous

          I am so glad that you are going to Chengdu, which is a real Food Paradise!

          If you are visting Chengdu, you can have a try with Sichuan Cuisine with most famous spicy food like hot pot, mapo tofu etc.

          My suggestion is that try to visit the places with lots of people even you have to wait for some time. it is just too many places to mention. I recommend eating hot pot and some sichuan cuisine.

          Besides, you can also visit the food street to have some local snacks. Such as a place named as Huang Cheng Ba (Imperial palace dam 皇城坝).

          If you want to know basic about food in Chengdu, you can check some recipes I made in my blog with most of the dishes from Sichuan Cuisine.

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            Hey Elaine!

            What are some specific restaurants that I have to eat at to experience the best of Sichuan food and Chengdu have to offer?

            I am quite familiar with Sichuan food and have had it all over the world but not yet in the Sichuan province - that is why I am traveling there! My wife is Chinese so we will have no trouble finding and ordering at estaurants which do not cater to foreigners.

          2. I think I relied largely off this


            And a poster named PruneFeet when I was there.

            1. There is a museum of Sichuan food with a restaurant that served some of the best food we had on our 2 week trip.


              For Ma Po Tofu, there is a restaurant named for the dish that does a traditional version of the dish very well. Good service and I remember having a good vegetable dish there as well (maybe pea shoots?).


              We were disappointed in Chef Yu's. We live in NYC and found the meal there to be too 'Western' for our tastes. It's fun to see how a chef plays with sichuan flavors in such refined ways but we left craving hot pot and more traditional, rustic Sichuan food which is just so good.

              I can post pictures from the rest if the trip but I won't remember the names of most of the restaurants but certainly I can describe the dishes.

              We had a guide with us and as a result, we were much sloppier about writing down specific places than we normally would be but let me check and report back.

              Enjoy your trip!


              The whole fish dishes were really special. There is also a restaurant called "Ma Po Dofu"

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                Wait, there's a *museum* in Sichuan of its food??

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                  Chen mapo dofu is where mapo tofu (dofu) was created. I have read that the mapo tofu is amazing there and will be stopping by for sure. There are a few locations now so I am not sure where the original one is located.

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                    I'd like to out myself as a soon to be Chengdu visitor in mid-November

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                      I will try to report right after my trip after the 10th of November.

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                        These are the restaurants I have found so far that I may be trying.
                        I will update after my trip.

                        Yu Jia Chu Fang
                        Yu’s Family Restaurant

                        Gong Ying Pin Ming (corner shop; look for the picture window), 39 Wenfu Yuan Jie (Street) -- walk a minute or two past the entrace to Wenshu Monastery, it will be on your right. A wide selection of local xiaochi.

                        Chen Ma Po Doufu
                        Chen Ma Po Doufu (Chen"s Bean Curd Restaurant) since 1862 is very well known among locals and tourists. This restaurant is famous for the Sichuan tofu dish with minced meat and tofu in a spicy sauce. The service at the restaurant is very very average. No English spoken, but apparently somewhat understood. Downstairs is more casual, for a quick meal, and upstairs is more of a dining place with round tables.
                        Address: 19 Qinghua Lu (Road), Chengdu, Sichuan, China
                        Phone: 028-85233655

                        Yang Yang, 32 Jin Yuan Xiang, Wu Hou District; 86-28-8523-1394.
                        32号 Jinyuan Alley
                        Wuhou, Chengdu, Sichuan, China

                        Jiachang Cai
                        This restaurant sits on a lane that runs between Yulin 3rd Alley and Yulin 2nd Alley (Yulin San Xiang, Yulin Er Xiang), both of which run off of Yulin Dong Lu. Yulin District, Chengdu.

                        1. re: quddous


                          Any interest in forming a group for a meal at Yu's?

                          It seems the prices drop dramatically if you can gather 8 people:


                          My wife and I will be in Chengdu Nov 9-11 and 15-16 ...

                            1. re: lesica

                              It would also be me and my wife (4 of us total)

                              We will be there November 7th until the 10th (leaving morning of 10th)

                              Email me if you are still interested in doing that

                              My email address is quddous at gmail.

                              1. re: quddous

                                Okay so we went to Chengdu and this is what I've learned.

                                1) the cheap restaurants are not very clean and the quality/source of their meat/products is questionable
                                2) the food at cheaper restaurants is okay
                                3) the best food is found at expensive restaurants
                                5) hotpot was good but not noticeably better than anywhere else

                                I preferred Sichuan restaurants in malls/tourist areas (jungli/kuan alley) over their small family run counterparts.

                                This can be attributed to a few factors.

                                Firstly these "expensive" restaurants need to have a good chef or they will go out of business = hire the best chef money can buy. Secondly they can afford to buy better and more delicious ingredients.

                                The one exception to this rule was the noodle place across from wenshu monastery (wenshuyuan). Super super busy so you knew there was a good turnover of ingredients. Pay for what you want and they will give you a ticket for each dish. Give the ticket to the kitchen window. Find a seat and wait for your food.

                                Chen's mapo dofu is just down the street from this restaurant. I thought the mapo dofu there was okay and my wife disliked it but for 18 rmb I would still have tried it just to say I have tried the original mapo dofu.

                                One of my tips is to order a variety of the noodles and small dishes at the more expensive restaurants. It is usually about $2 for a small bowl (where it would be $1 at the cheap restaurants)

                                I found the noodles and small dishes to be my favorites normally as we would order a few different ones and at least one of them would be amazing. We had many iterations of oil boiled beef, oil boiled fish, mizheng rou, Dan Dan mien which were my favourite dishes.

                                One dish which I saw around a few times was chicken with a green sauce. This was quite an interesting dish - I think mostly ground cilantro and Sichuan peppercorns. I would recommend trying this one once too though I do not know the name of it.

                                The best of the restaurants we went to was in Jingli Alley on the further side. I will have to ask my wife for the name later.

                                I would also recommend going out to the panda research base. About a 30 minute drive each way (50rmb taxi each way).