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Oct 3, 2012 05:42 PM

Indian Restaurant - Upper West Side

What is the best Indian restaurant between West 66th and West 96th Streets on the Upper West Side. We want someplace quiet.

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  1. There used to be a cluster of them around 72nd Street and Columbus, but with Earthen Oven now closed I realize there were only three. of the two that remain, Mughlai is okay and Indigo is not.

    1. If you are willing to venture a few blocks farther, Indus Valley on Broadway at ~100 st. is quite good. And there's a vegetarian Indian place on Amsterdam ~88th that's very good. They have another branch in the E 20s.

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        1. re: mahler5

          Saravanaa is actually on Amsterdam between 79th & 80th. It's good. I definitely second the rec to go a little further north to Indus Valley on Broadway if vegetarian Indian doesn't suit your needs.

        2. If you want to go a bit south you can try Benares on 56th between Broadway & 8th

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            I've walked past that place a bunch of times. What do you like there, and will they serve food that's genuinely hot-peppery, if you ask for "very spicy"?

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              I'm a vegetarian and have enjoyed all the vegetarian dishes I've had there. I found them on the spicy/flavorful side but not overly hot. I've never asked for "very spicy." I also liked the buffet the one time I went.

          2. I personally think Indus Valley is overrated.

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              Overrated compared to what? I always found the place reliably good, if sometimes a bit oilier than my stomach prefers. It's overpriced, but that's because it's on the Upper West Side and trying for a degree of atmosphere.