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Oct 3, 2012 05:03 PM

which Calgary restaurants allow patrons to bring wine?

Are there any good to very good restaurants that allow the patrons to bring their own wine. I don't mind corkage fees, but prefer to bring a really good bottle.



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    1. re: cancowboy

      Wow, $25-$35 for a corkage fee?! That's nuts..
      Very interesting to see what Calgarians see as acceptable re: the restaurant industry.

      1. re: gardengorilla

        Not necessarily what is acceptable - it's what the restaurant would like to charge.
        Plus the restaurant would rather you drink from their cellar than yours.

        And given that the usual markup on a bottle of wine is 3X the retail cost, you could easily justify bringing a nice $25+ wine.

        1. re: gardengorilla

          If you read the link you can see that most places charge way less than $25. I've been to lots of cities that don't have BYOW period so this all seems pretty fantastic.

        The link at the bottom of the page allows you to search for licensees that allow BYOW but doesn't specify corkage prices, nor how good they are.