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Oct 3, 2012 04:04 PM

BBC article on food culture in Catalonia (Sept 26, 2012)

I don't think anybody posted this yet, and sorry if it's a duplicate, but thought others might be interested if they hadn't seen it.

I have no opinion of the article, just passing it along, but would be interested in reactions from those who have eaten in any of the places discussed.

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  1. That link seems to be broken.

    (Correction - I see that although it is a British website, it isnt accessible to us in the UK . Pity, very many thousands of us holiday in Catalonia each year with many of us owning property there. )

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      Really? How bizarre is that. I'll see if I can find it elsewhere on the web and link to it.

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        Sorry. I tried all the tricks I know and couldn't find it anywhere else.

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          It's so odd that it's only available to those outside uk . Very disappointting the BBC that is .

      2. thanks for posting/linking, barberinibee. Emporda is where it's at, food- (and wine-) wise and the journo makes good choices, to which I would add a new one (to us): Pera Batlla, recently moved from Ventallo to an old water mill just outside L'Armentera on the edge of the Parc de Aiguamolls. An[toni]a Quinones cooks - local ingredients, incl. many grown by them, Catalan style, some Asian touches; Clara Isamat serves, at a smooth, sympathetic pace, giving complicitous advice on both food and wine - she's a fount of vinous knowledge, esp. the up and coming producers from Emporda DO (Marti Fabra, Mas Estela, Oliver Conti, Terra Remota et al). Loved La Cantonada in La Bisbal but it's a while since we've been back; El Roser 2 in L'Escala worth considering - for the view, the seafood and sommelier Rafael Sabadi's cellar. Dominic Abernethy at El Celler Petit in S. Marti d'Empuries has a great selection of local wines.
        Down in Falset (Priorat) would also have included Toni Bru at Celler de l'Aspic - creative neo-Catalan food, outstanding wine list, the place a fave hangout of Priorat wine growers.

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          Thanks for your response. So often these articles are just clueless, so it's nice to think maybe this one could go into the files.

          I'm especially grateful for your additions and elaborations.