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Oct 3, 2012 03:03 PM

Durham/Chapel Hill Nice Dinner with Kids

Hello all-

I am looking for a special occasion restaurant to celebrate my father in law's 70th birthday. We will have our kids with us (10 and 5.5) who are relatively well behaved, but kind of picky. Any suggestions? I know Weathervane has an actual kids menu, but we go there a lot and I was looking for something new....


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  1. Vin Rouge in Durham has lots of easy to eat things (chicken, salads, steak frites). Il Palio has Italian. Not sure what sorts of things your kids like so that makes it a bit harder, but these are both nice restaurants that I think could do the trick. Maybe Glasshalful? Have a look at their current menu online to see. I love the lobster rolls - small enough for little ones, and with a side of fries a nice meal. Bin 54 has sliders on the appetizer menu if they could make a meal of those.

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      Took Lulu to Il Palio last night for dinner and she really liked it. Seemed totally kid friendly. Fried calamari was a hit and the pasta too (she ordered the grappa cured salmon and found it too salty - and I have to agree with her; I normally love it, but last night it was heavy on the salt). She shared a cheesecake with our friend and liked that a lot too. So you can add that to your list without a worry.

    2. To add to what Lulus mom said. Vin Rouge also has outstanding Mac N Cheese.

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        Good point! Very good kid food (and you can ask for it without the pork, if the kids don't want it that way).

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          Thank you so much! LulusMom-I am never sure what my kids will like either, so I usually figure I can feed them bread at the very least! The older one is more daring, but the younger one is a vegetarian who won't eat vegetables (he lives on cheese, bread, bananas and maybe air? I don't honestly know, but he's a decent size and the pediatrician says not to worry.) I'll check the menus- I appreciate the input and knowing that these places won't be appalled at younger kids!


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            I've taken Lulu to Vin Rouge, Bin 54 (the bar) and Glasshalful numerous times and no one has batted an eye. You'll be absolutely fine. There is plenty of "vegetarian with no vegetables" (laughing! I know just what you mean) food at both Vin Rouge and Bin 54 in the form of mac and cheese, fries, bread. Just keep giving the younger one chances to eat different stuff, and commending him for his bravery when he tries stuff. It will all work out.

            Hope where ever you end up you have a great time.

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              It never really changes. The 3 of us all tried new/unfamiliar dishes at the Ecuadorian for lunch today and all three of us walked out saying, "I'm glad I tried that." A healthy pat on the back is always nice. (Even when one of us is over 50.)