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Oct 3, 2012 02:59 PM

Pizza In Parkchester...?

I have found some very good food in Parkchester, but I'm pretty surprised at how little pizza I see around. I'm not asking about ultra-authentic gourmet pizzas like you'd find in Naples, but just about tasty East Coast pizza, the stuff I grew up on in blue-collar neighborhoods in Philadelphia. Any good pizza near here? Even better if they deliver!

Speaking of delivery, Is there any non-awful Chinese delivery in this neighborhood? Now that it's getting cooler, I'd like the option of homebodying a little bit. Every Chinese takeout place I've tried has been, well, pretty lousy. Like the pizza, I'm not talking about anything hardcore or fancy here. Just tasty, basic Chinese takeout.

Actually, any good delivery options in Parkchester would be appreciated.

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  1. A neighborhood over (Morris Park) has some of the best pizza in the BX. All on Morris Park ave I'd recommend; Patricia's, Captain's and Emilios. Patricia's (1082 Morris Park ave)is worth a trip to sit in the lovely dinning room and watch them cook your pizza in the wood burning brick oven through the glass wall. I love the quattro formaggi pie there. At Captains (1056 Morris Park) i love the margherita pie. Emilio's (1052 Morris Park) is all about the specialty slices. The Alla vodka slice is so sinfully good. There is also Coals on Eastchester and Morris Park, they grill their pizza, its supposed to be very good. Call but I assume they deliver to parkchester, depending where you are... Parkchester spots deliver to me in Morris Park so i assume it works both ways.I also remember having a good slice at Anthony's at White Plaines and Morris Park (technically in Van Nest but maybe closer to you). I'm in Flushing a bunch and get my Chinese fix there...the Chinese I've tried in Morris Park is awful....

    Also taqueria Tlaxicalli is amazing, delivers and is in Parkchester. Neerob delivers as well I think...

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      I love Neerob, but for some reason I have a conservative streak when it comes to delivery. I tend to want more comfort food type stuff when I send out. I know, I'm weird. I've actually just started exploring Flushing, and absolutely adore it. I understand that I won't get that level of quality or authenticity in Parkchester for Chinese takeout or delivery. I'd settle for a place that would make my chicken with broccoli in black bean sauce and some shrimp fried rice well, with good ingredients. Good hot & sour soup would be a major plus!

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        Try the hot & sour soup from Lucky Star, 1621 Unionport Road.
        The guy at the wok furthest from you makes it best. He's a somewhat portly man.
        If you have brass ones, insist that HE prepare your food for you. I've done it -- shamelessly.

        1. re: Cheese Boy

          Wow, I live on Unionport, so that shouldn't be hard to check out. And hot & sour soup is one of the best foods ever.

        2. re: StrandedYankee

          I actually agree and usually delivery is comfort food for me as well. The pasta fagiole at Captain's is my go-to order. I also love the mole at Estrellita Poblano on Williamsbridge. I haven't been but saw someone comment on the serious eats/Bronx Eats that New Hawaii Sea on Williamsbridge in Westchester Square, was solid Chinese. They talked more about the fact that it's an old school Chinese dinning experience with waiters in bow ties. I always get the mofongo but Sabrosura on Castle Hill ave is dominican/Chinese food. The ingredients are always super fresh/high quality so that would probably extend to the Chinese dishes.
          Flushing is super fast from our hood if you have a car. When theres no traffic I can be over the Whitestone and parked for free at the target/sky view mall in 15 minutes. It's a beautiful thing.

      2. Many moons ago, Parkchester had an EXCELLENT pizza shop on Castle Hill Avenue called Napoli Pizza. The owner of Napoli owns four store fronts adjacent to each other all on Castle Hill Avenue, and they've all been shuttered for probably close to two decades. Very sad.

        The present pizza situation in Parkchester leaves a lot to be desired. Circle Pizza used to be very very good, but their quality has gone way way down over the years. Jerry's Pizzeria has some good days -- try them if you like. My recommendation is to go to Cestra's Pizza at Westchester Square. They MIGHT deliver to Parkchester given the proximity. Give them a try for sure.

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          I couldn't believe how utterly normal Captains pizza was, as far as a normal slice goes... same with Emilio's. That area is really tough.

          Patricias is really cute, and the pizza is quite good.

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            The pizza shop that was my favorite growing up in Philadelphia back in the 1970's made just about the best ever east coast style pizza I've ever tasted (we are NOT talking authentic Neapolitan style pizza here...we are talking about a thin-but-puffy crust with the perfect chew; spicy, acidic sauce and mozzarella that somehow managed to not go gummy for an hour or more, probably some chemical wizardry of the 1970's...I don't remember the toppings as anything special, but the base pie was the best!). Their slow descent from being so utterly wonderful into absolute crap (thick, overly soft crust, blandly sweet sauce, and cheese that had no flavor) broke my heart. I wanted to cry the last time I ate there. The finally went away for good about 10 years ago. I've always wished they'd just closed up shop. Seeing their decline was a prolonged heartbreak.

            1. re: StrandedYankee

              Not in Parkchester, but not far away (if you drive) is Frank Pepe's (the old New Haven favorite) in Yonkers.


              As for Chinese, it's astounding how bad this food is in NYC. I live in a Chinese neighborhood and in 18 years, I have recently found one (1) Chinese restaurant that is just OK. Too far away from you to recommend it though.

          2. Most of the Chinese is pretty terrible that will deliver to my area. We have had the best luck with Mr. Q’s. They have all of the usual American/Chinese stuff, along with a few unique dishes. They dabble in sushi, too, but I would stick to cooked type rolls. 2115 Williamsbridge Road Bronx, NY 10461 (718) 823-2424. Avoid Hawaiian Sea, it is all hype and was terrible even 25 years ago.

            Others have already mentioned Captain’s and Patricia’s for pizza, but I would add a few comments. If you want to eat out family/casual, go to the sit down area of Captain’s, which is like a hidden back room. Great seafood and veal dishes, good service, very reasonable prices.

            I prefer Patricia’s II down in Throggs Neck. They complain to deliver to Westchester Square, but do it. You may call and ask, remind them that if they take Lafayette, go under Brucker and take Cross Bronx service Rd, could be at Parkchester PDQ. They have comparable pizza, better fried calamari than the original and almost always use vongole in their clam sauce dishes, unlike the original on Morris Park. 3883 East Tremont Avenue Bronx, NY 10465 (718) 918-1800

            Tosca’s is also willing to come to the Square, so you should give it a shot, again giving better directions for fast delivery if they complain. All these places hire kids to deliver, who know nothing but drive down Tremont, turn at the el. While most of their fare is overrated Sysco truck items, they do have very good brick oven pizza w/ fresh mozz and one of the better Sicilian pies in the area. As an added bonus, their pizza prices have remained lower than all the others I would eat at, $14.50 for the Margherita and 15.50 for the Sicilian. They also have the best fried calamari of all the ones I call for delivery. 4038 East Tremont Avenue Bronx, NY 10465 (718) 239-3300