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Oct 3, 2012 02:42 PM

Lunch at The NoMad: Where to Sit?

Lunching at the NoMad tomorrow. As I've never lunched there, may I solicit opinions for which room is better for a non-business lunch? Atrium seems like it would be nice for what's expected to be a sunny day, though the formality of the Parlour is fine with us as well. Two of us. It will be boozy / wine-y.

Many thanks for your opinions.

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  1. I had brunch in the Atrium, and liked it very much (the Parlour room was not open at brunch).

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    1. re: ellenost

      I, too, sat in the atrium and very much enjoyed its energy and light from the lovely overhead "atrium." Let us know where you end up!

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        Don't want to hijack the thread but did you have the chicken sandwich ellenost?

        1. re: Spiritchaser

          Still looking forward to returning to The NoMad for brunch to try the chicken sandwich. I was referring to my brunch in June when we had the wonderful whole chicken.

      2. Request or not, chances are, if the place is full, you'll get what they give you.

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        1. re: Nancy S.

          Thank you for the helpful reply, NancyS. I have a choice.

          I am asking specifically about the rooms' energy on a Thursday lunch. But again, thank you.

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            In fact, I reserved twice asking in advance for the Parlour room. The first time I was led to a table in the Atrium, next to (on the way to) the Parlour -- we were with guests and did not want to revise this. The second time, I reiterated my request at the host station and still was directed to the Atrium. This time, I asked if we could wait for a table in the Parlour. I was quoted a 45 minute wait -- which, luckily, turned into a 10 minute delay. I'm just saying, even the best laId plan . . .

        2. If you have a choice, sit in The Parlour. It's much quieter and more relaxed with fewer tables spaced much farther apart. I find The Atrium loud, noisy and too crowded.

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          1. re: DutchOenophile

            did you make the reservation a long time ago, or is it still possible to just walk in?

          2. thegfroceny - If it is going to be boozy I think you might like the boisterous atmosphere of the Atrium, lots of talking, lots of energy. The Parlour is the complete opposite (and that's not a dig), softer surfaces, more plush, less light. Dinner is Parlour was better than dinner in Atrium, Brunch in Atrium was perfect.