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Oct 3, 2012 02:13 PM

Casey's Pizza Truck?

Just wondering if anyone has tried Casey's Pizza truck. Looks like its parks at Spear & Mission (SF) a couple of days a week and also on Sansome near California.

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  1. I've had Casey's Pizza pre-truck when he was using a tricked out Weber grill on the sidewalk, about the same time as this report,

    Thin-crust pizza was close to NY style with a chewy, crispy crust and the simplicity of toppings of Neapolitan. I'd had a NY slice from Tony's in North Beach and also tried Una Pizza Napolitana in the same time frame, and Casey's was more satisfying to me.

    A few pix:

    Thin crust profile

    Nicely scorched upskirt

    Whole Margherita

    Let's hear from someone who's had one more recently from the truck.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      I have been getting a slice most Wednesdays for the past few weeks and had a slice with pepperoni yesterday (after 1 p.m. you can get one slice; before then the options are half a pie or a whole pie--half = two slices). The crust had a nice chewiness, while a couple of weeks back the crust on my slice was almost too crisp for my taste. It is a fairly salty pie, which I don't mind. For context, my favorite pizza right now is Emilia's, and this is a richer flavor in terms of sauce and cheese, with the crust thickness about the same. I definitely look forward to my Wednesday pizza fix--give it a shot, I'd say.

    2. Well, I did get to Casey's today on Spear@ Mission and split a pepperoni pie with a friend. Pretty good, with a nice thin crust. The toppings were a little "understated," but I am of the "more is more" school were toppings are concerned.

      1. Several of us from CHOW tried the truck today (on Fridays it parks south of Market, on Mission between New Montgomery and Second streets). We all really liked it. The pies came out remarkably fast--according to the website, their oven is so hot the pizzas cook in 4 minutes. And they don't make your pizza till you order it. (Though we were surmising that the dough might be par-cooked to help speed things along?)

        I got one of the rotating special pies (well, I got half a pie, which I split with a coworker, so I got a slice, which was what I wanted but it was only 1 o'clock, and they don't start selling individual slices till after 1:30), the Funghi: "portobellos, thyme, garlic, aged mozz, fior di latte, grana padano, sea salt, chili flakes, EVO" (description from their website). The thin crust was really nice--a bit too crispy/brittle along the edge for me, but it held up nicely with the toppings. The mushrooms were super flavorful and delicious. Others in our group got the Zoe Pepperoni and the Arugula pies, which are on the standard menu. Everybody seemed pretty happy--happy enough to talk about going back next Friday.

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        1. re: DeborahL

          Par-cooked dough?!?!? Did it taste like that to you?

          If the oven runs at 700 to 800 degrees it only takes two or three minutes to baked a thin crust pizza.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            The dough/crust tasted fine, we were just throwing out ideas on how they cooked it so fast. Must just be as you say, high-enough heat in the oven.

            1. re: DeborahL

              If you've been to one of the wood-burning pizza places around town that crank the heat up to 800-900 degrees, the pizzas cook in less than 90 seconds. Thanks for the clarification, as parcooking crust is a big no-no, and if your statement stood, would be kind of an insult to the pizza maker.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                And how long of a cooking time does that translate into to you?

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  " With temps nearing 700F+, the made-to-order, thin crust pies bake in just under 4 minutes ..."


                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    Right, that's what Deborah said she read on the website. My question is, does that sound reasonable to you?

                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                      Sounds like plenty of time to me if it's really that hot.