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Oct 3, 2012 02:05 PM

Visiting SD this wknd, need a rec for bday dinner downtown/Gaslamp

3 friends and I are visiting SD this weekend, and staying in the Gaslamp area. We'll be celebrating a birthday on Saturday night. There are a ton of recs on here, and I think I have our eating itinerary down for the most part, but am not sure what to choose for the birthday dinner. We're looking for as trendy/cool a place as possible without sacrificing food quality (2 of us are serious foodies, including bday girl). Suggestions for the best in the Gaslamp/downtown area (or a cheap cab ride away). Looking to spend approx. $30-40 per person (not including drinks). Any kind of food works. Thanks!

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    1. Saltbox
      Cowboy Star
      Red Light
      Starlight maybe?
      Craft + Commerce if you don't consider gastro-pub fare a sacrifice, the drinks are a step up
      Prep Kitchen in Little Italy

      1. Jsix at the Hotel Solamar.
        Dobsons..mussel bisque..sublime
        Bertrands at Mr. A's
        Top of the Market
        Georges at the Cove in LJ...ocean terrace
        Bali Hai..take the water taxi over and you can have an extra mai tais..

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          Thanks for all the recs. We ended up going to Cowboy Star for dinner -- food, cocktails, and service were all great. Also went to Noble Experiment and thought the drinks were excellent. SD is a great city!