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Oct 3, 2012 01:32 PM

reservations at renovated minibar?

anyone gotten them? care to share how long it took to get a confirmation/anything else that might be relevant to the rest of us? Thanks!

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  1. According to Sietsema:
    * reservations only by email, not by phone
    *seatings at 6, 6:30, 8:30 and 9 p.m for six people
    *closed Sunday and Monday
    * fixed price from $150 per person to $225 (exclusive of drinks, tax and tip)
    * wine pairings $75 to $200

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    1. re: crackers

      thanks! i ended up getting them- ftr, they confirmed the evening i sent email. something to note is the $200 beverage pairing is an 'i love bubbles' one (hopefully doesn't need explanation?), which i find interesting because i'm honestly more excited about craft drinks than a wine pairing with my meal there.

      1. re: crackers

        Is that the fixed price went up from $150 to $225, or there are different fixed price menus available from $150-225?

          1. re: Doh

            DanielK is correct. The meal used to be $150 and is now $225 (plus 10%- $22.50 - tax). valcfield, I hope you report back; few of us will find ourselves breathing the rarefied air at minibar any time soon.

        1. We are heading to minibar tonight and would love to hear about how the experience was! I hadn't realized the price increase prior to making the reservation .. so here's hoping its worth it.

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          1. re: hppyheather

            our reservation was one of the few pushed back because minibar delayed its opening due to Irene. We will be coming soon but haven't been yet!

            1. re: valcfield

              v, did you ever get there? prob my most memorable dining night.

              1. re: opinionatedchef

                I did! and am long overdue for a report, which, alas, i am too far out to give now. I am going back early july so hopefully i'll do a full write up then. things i would say though:

                1. this was maybe my favorite modernist meal- what i often find problematic in modernist cuisine is a lack of heat (temp) which in turn leads to a lack of feeling satiated by the food. things are fun, often thoughtful, and delicious, but you leave feeling like it was ephemeral. partially just his style, and partially i imagine because there are only 8 people or so getting a course at a time, i felt like minibar was way more successful in delivering 'satisfying' dishes than my meal at Alinea or some other modernist experiences.

                2. very inspired nonalcoholic pairings (my fiancee does not drink, so i got the best of both worlds stealing some of hers)

                3. no dishes were misses, and a number of them (deep fried tendon still comes to mind, as does the clam and fava bean dish... which i like to think of as andres' oyster and pearls equivalent) were total knockouts.

                4. that said, i will admit that i think the price is 'inflated' over what it could be. in other words, i think if minibar were in nyc, it probably would not be able to charge a base of 225, given the pricing of 3 michelin * restaurants. that said, given its uniqueness, especially in dc, i don't think its 'overcharging', it just puts it in a range where its tough turning down more moderately priced places in dc to get here.

                5. since i've been, they've opened barmini, serving cocktails and food. comments on this- a. the menu is huge, which is nice, but if you're a serious cocktail enthusiast, definitely ask the bartender for on or off menu recs. the menu is meant to hit a broad audience, and not everything is meant to appeal to the serious drinker. b. drink prices are inline with any high end bar, which is great, but the food here is *ridiculously* affordable. the portions are small, yes, but at (avg) 8 dollars a small sandwich, you can easily construct a full meal on 32 bucks or less as long as you don't mind the fact your meal will be full of very rich bar sandwiches. the uni panini and lobster roll were amazing. in fact, it may be the best lobster roll i've had- they use a very thin griddled bun which allows for a lot more meat, and then the mayo espuma adds a nice light contrast compared with typical mayo.

                i do look forward to going back to minibar soon, and seeing how the menu has evolved.

                1. re: valcfield

                  great to read this; thx for taking the time. I hope you do a July write up when it will be still popping on your tastebuds!