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Oct 3, 2012 01:13 PM

Water Grill - old vs. new?

I used to love the "old" Water Grill, but I've heard some mixed reviews of the "new". I don't really know what's different...could someone please clue me in. I'm wanting to return, but don't know what to expect.

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  1. different restaurant. now it's a businessman's fish grill, kind of like tadich's or sam's in san francisco. no flights of fantasy as under cimarusti or lefevre, but really great raw bar. order simply and you'll do well.

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    1. re: FED

      Thanks...I love Tadich's, but agree (this time!) that it's much different from the "old" Water Grill!

      1. re: josephnl

        The new raw bar is indeed wonderful. Great iced fish platters. Highly recommended.

      2. re: FED

        I though Tadich Grill when we ate there.

          1. re: josephnl

            It reminded me of the Tadich Grill

      3. I liked both -- old and new.

        If we were to compare it to steakhouses, the "old Watergrill" was like CUT and the "new Watergrill" is more like Wolfgang's or Mastro's.

        1. Had a very mediocre dinner at the Water Grill last night. Doubt that we will return unless really craving for a raw bar when downtown. Yes, their raw bar is first rate, but nothing else is special, and our service last evening was poor.

          We were served good cocktails with very mediocre bread. Shellfish starters (oysters and shrimp) were very good but salads were just ok. While still eating our starters, our entrees arrived...something that should not happen in a good restaurant. Wine service was poor, and I had difficulty getting my ordered beer until well into my entree. Three persons had the halibut entree which was fine, but not special. I ordered the $32 lobster roll with fries. There was a generous portion of lobster on the roll, but it was quite chewy (? overcooked) and pretty tasteless with only scant mayo, and no apparent seasoning and the accompanying fries were limp and barely ok.

          For > $100 pp, one can do much better at many places in LA.

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          1. re: josephnl

            Pacing is a huge pet peeve of mine and as you stated, that's something that just should not happen at such a restaurant.

            1. re: JAB

              Agree completely. Bringing out and serving entrees while starters are still being eaten should never happen...certainly not at a restaurant such as the WG!

          2. Is it worth going for a seafood tower? If not what is a good place to get one in LA?

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            1. re: Johnny L

              Yes. The towers are truly wonderful. Very generous portions. Very fresh seafood. Expensive but worth it.

              1. re: Johnny L

                The shellfish were the only really good part of our meal last night. You likely will be very satisfied with a seafood tower, and although expensive, it will probably be worth it. I strongly suggest you try to get your accompanying beverages, beer or wine, before ordering the tower.