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Oct 3, 2012 01:05 PM

Cow Hollow/Marina area.......??

Ok folks,
I'm sure it's been written a million times but, not finding "the" place.
Visiting my cousin living in Cow Hollow next wknd.
Sat nt dinner.
What's the "in" fun delicious place for Cow Hollow/Marina?
Or, have ya another nearby location to suggest.

Gluten Free options!
Ethnic ok
not just ok food but delicious food
not more than 20$ per person w/o alcohol
not too noisy -we like to talk to eachother
Pub food ok as long as it's delish

TIA Kitchen Queen

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  1. heh, the noise & price issues are reasons a lot of people avoid that part of town.

    Try Cedar Hill for BBQ:

    A potential that someone else could hopefully back up is Patxi's. They make a good deep dish pizza, and their website lists an optional gluten free crust (haven't eaten that crust and haven't eaten at that location either

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      Thnx despite the issues, you did good. This place is a perfect option!
      Any one else want to chime in...?

    2. Alegria's on Lombard for Spanish tapas. Almost too quiet though...

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      1. re: Civil Bear

        Thank you. I did think about this place! LOVE tapas! :)

      2. Ace Wasabi(in the back) but you need to ask about the soy sauce.

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