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Oct 3, 2012 12:58 PM

Downtown Houston- looking for good food and good fun

Heading to Houston in a couple of weeks...staying downtown at the Magnolia Hotel. My friends and I are looking for recommendations on where to eat good BBQ or seafood, listen to some great country music, dance, drink etc. somewhat near our hotel. Any suggestions?

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  1. I don't think great country is happening anywhere in Houston. There is a place called Rebel on Washington that gets pretty much killed on Yelp.

    Washington Avenue is the main club scene du jour, there's a shuttle I believe going up and down the street, check with your concierge. Pappa's BBQ is the closest BBQ downtown and it can be really good, but I don't like the sauce. Try the brisket and beef ribs.

    A quick edit, Washington Avenue is less than a ten minute cab ride from your hotel, and all restaurants are close.

    Reef Seafood does local Gulf Seafood in Bryan Caswell's restaurant.

    Massa's Seafood has a couple of restaurants downtown.

    Anyway, Washington hopping with lots of new places/bars, Reef has garnered national attention, and for Tex Mex old standby El Tiempo on Washington has great fresh lump crab nachos and quesadillas, get the beans on the side with the nachos, stay with grilled meats and seafood, prices on the high side but portions on the hugh side, think sharing. Please do order skinny margaritas to eliminate the sugar. Welcome to Houston and enjoy!!!

    1. U might ck out Blanco's Bar and Grille on Alabama St or Anderson Fair in the Montrose area,, both near town.. Seafood,, try Reef,, for Texas Blues and dance,, The Big Easy,, where down the street on Kirby, you could ck out Goode Co BBQ (tho James' Pappas is a better bet, and closer to where you r staying).. Have fun!

      1. James and Bornie...thank you both! Much appreciated!