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Oct 3, 2012 12:56 PM

Help narrow down Portland dinner please

In Portland next month with friends. Love seafood mostly, but open to all, except 2 diners don't eat red meat. Also, nothing too "weird", like simple food with simple, delicious preparation. I love duck and fish -- and we all love good cocktails.
Have these ideas so far:

Riffle NW
Veritable Quandry
Olympic Provisions

Need 2, maybe 3 nights. Have been to Portland before and have already enjoyed Laurelhurst Market, Clyde Common and Andina.
Thanks for your help! We can't wait!

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  1. Imperial is awesome, has the types of rushes you refer to since it is in a hotel they need to have broad appeal but the preperation and attention to detail is outstanding.

    1. Wildwood and Nostrana would be great pics...

      1. great! putting Imperial on the yes list. been to wildwood already.

        1. clarklewis is solid, consistent, delicious every time. I'd move them up the list.

          I haven't tried Imperial..but another newcomer to consider is is a little red-meat heavy, but there are definitely options for non red meat eaters.

          Definite NO to Veritable Quandry...I consider them more of a tourist trap these days.

          1. Having just dined at Imperial last night, I will add a vote for Imperial, as well. I had an extremely well-made cocktail and the food, atmosphere, and vibe was very enjoyable.

            I also enjoy Paley's (many experiences there), and have enjoyed Woodsman Tavern, Riffle as well but have only had 1 visit each. Have not yet been to Jamison or Olympic Provisions, and my last clarklewis meal was a while ago (because of too many new places to try, not a bad experience).

            As others have mentioned, there are better options than VQ.