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Oct 3, 2012 12:43 PM

If you had a $100 OpenTable gift certificate, how would you use it in the Bay Area?

All those reservations finally paid off.....

Have left this question intentionally vague.

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  1. I'd use it at the next place with OT service where I was spending that much.

    The last time I had an OT gift certificate, it expired, so next time I'm not dawdling.

      1. Great thread - I've been sitting on my certificate for a while and forget its in my wallet!

        Wolfe recommended Cafe Gibraltar and I love that place. I haven't been to Seven Hills yet and will move it up on my list...

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        1. re: CarrieWas218

          Same here, just remembered I forgot to bring mine out the last time we had dinner at an OT restaurant - gonna check it now!

        2. I usually cash 'em in at the $50 mark and use at the next Open Table reservation I make.

          1. Not sure if you're aware...
            But that "dining cheque" from Open Table is just like any other check. You can endorse it on the back and just deposit it in your bank account/ATM. That's what I do. =)

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              1. re: sundeck sue

                Yes, really! lol
                I've been doing it (depositing it in my checking account) for years. If you look at it (front and back) it's just a regular ol' check. There's a space/line for notarizing it on the back like a regular check. =)

                1. re: scooterams

                  My jaw just dropped.

                  I'd been wondering whether restaurants were able to recoup the full cost of the check. Thanks!

              2. re: scooterams

                So I just went to look at the OT check I have in my drawer that I need to remember to use.

                The letter that's attached says: "The fine print: This Dining Cheque is not redeemable for cash...."

                That said, you're absolutely right that it looks like a regular check on front and back.

                1. re: sundeck sue

                  Dang.... learned something new! Thanks, Scooterams!

                    1. re: Robert Lauriston

                      For the folks that do use them in restaurants, have you had any problems with restaurants taking them? After seeing this thread I checked and realized I have a ridiculous amount of points but have never bothered to use them.

                      1. re: tjinsf

                        I use 'em all the time. Never had a problem I usually get the $50 checks which are more flexible and pay the balance of my bill and tip with cash. Just make sure you are in an open table restaurant. Or you may have an embarrassing moment.

                  1. re: scooterams

                    Just got my first check...this is probably the best tip I've received on CH!

                    1. re: scooterams

                      What a great tip! I just successfully cashed two at the bank – one recent, another that had expired three years ago. The 180 day expiration date and the information on their letter that it is not to be used for cash turn out not to be true.

                      1. re: scooterams

                        Thanks for the tip. I received a dining cheque endorse it on the back and deposit into my bank.