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Oct 3, 2012 12:37 PM

kosher in jerusalem

Going after Tom tov, spending two days in tzfat and a week in Jerusalem. Any recommendations? We'll ear casually for lunch, looking for dinner recommendations. Thanks!

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  1. Cafe Rimon ins the mamilla mall is a solid choice. Good salads (not knock your socks off good, but really fine) and astonishing view. Truth is, most of the cafes have better than decent salads and sandwiches. In the amazing category, Darna and Taverna. For a slightly less formal but lovely experience, Ticho House. If you are traveling with kids, or just for fun, Pizza Hut. For great desserts, the french pastry shop on Keren kayemet (not sure it has a name -- it's tiny.) I could go on and om.....

    1. Azura in Machane Yehudah for truly great Iraqi/Kurdish meals (also good for Shabbat take-out), Ima's both in the shuk and their main location for kubbe, Marzipan for their rugelach, and we found a pretty good sabich joint somewhere in Tzfat, but I doubt I could find it again if I had to.

      If you haven't been to Tzfat before, enjoy. It's one of the most beautiful cities in Israel. If you can, go up on a rooftos on a clear night and look out towards Mt. Meron. The view is simply awe inspiring.

      1. Just got back this morning, thanks for the recommendations will post a full review (we ate a lot) soon!