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Oct 3, 2012 12:29 PM

What are your favorite large group recipes?

Any suggestions for two dinner ideas and a lunch for 40ish ;) people? The group is mostly adults with a few children, I know this group isn't a fan of exotic or spicy. Thanks all!

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  1. Lasagna's always a good call. If you like biscuit crust, you can make a modified chicken potpie using that; people love it. A taco bar doesn't need to be at all spicy. A soup buffet might be nice for the lunch; say 4 different soups and a garnishes/sandwiches table; or baked potatoes w/ a toppings bar. And there's always good old oven-baked chicken: teriyaki, bbq sauce.....

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      I am a big fan of the soup idea. I find a lot of people will go back 2 or 3 times when there is a good soups.

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        We just did a soup luncheon for my mom's birthday for about 30 people (but there was enough soup for probably 50) Italian Wedding soup, cheddar corn chowder, black bean, tomato were the soups we did. We also had fresh homemade baguettes and corn bread, an assortment of different crackers and croutons, and toppings like guacamole, shredded Mexican cheese, salsa and sour cream for the black bean, crumbled bacon and shredded cheddar for the cheddar corn chowder, and some chopped herbs (cilantro, basil, chives and scallions). People loved it and it was easy to set up in slow cookers, plus, we could freeze and avoid throwing out leftovers, unlike the usual salads, etc for pot;ucks.

    2. I often oven poach a whole roasting pan of boneless chicken breasts (or fish, or a whole side of salmon). It can be served at room temperature and you can offer a number of different sauces - pesto, red pepper, peanut/satay - whatever you like. If you slice the chicken breasts for service you can also offer the option of rolls for those who would like a sandwich.
      I've also made huge pots of mussels in red or white sauce (or one pot of each) - they are pretty inexpensive and cook quickly.

      1. Spiral ham and roasted turkey. I'd use the leftovers for sandwiches/wraps.

        1. In addition to good soups.... Chili with bread (you can have spicy and non-spicy versions) - I don't think it would be considered to exotic. Curry? (can make it mild - then have a bottle of Siricha (sp?) sauce and chopped chilies for those that want to spice it up ). Meatballs with rice (I know I loved it when my mom made it). And of course the standard roasted turkey and stuffing (although you would probably have the turkey cold since it would take several birds for 40 people).

          1. BBQ Sausages, hot dogs, hamburgers with soups and salads.