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Oct 3, 2012 12:27 PM

Masala Sambar ...

Hey Y'all !
So I am spending a week visiting family in the beautiful Seattle area,
And just visited the World Spice Merchant !!!!
What a wonderful shop !!!!!!

I bought some Masala Sambar curry spice and
Would love some ideas for using it when I get home.
Suggestions, Recipes : whatever you got / whatever you care to shRe.

Having never used any of these spices before,
Curry is somewhat out of my comfort zone, but I am planning
to dive right in!!!

Thanks in advance !!!!

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  1. Hello oooYUM,

    Please take a look at the current Cookbook of the Month, found here on Chowhound:

    It could be a very good place to start!

    1. The first thing is, not all indian dishes are curries. :) Sambhar is a south indian lentil and vegetable "soup" if you will. It's spicy and sour at the same time.

      Google sambhar recipes and you'll find thousands of them. You season the sambhar with the masala. Depending on the blend you bought, you may still have to add your own tamarind, salt, etc.

      1. I like adding sambar powder to scrambled eggs or omelets, along with onion and tomato. I've also seen some recipes online for an egg curry with sambar powder, but I've never tried making one so I, unfortunately, can't recommend any specific ones.

        1. Sambar is a South Indian lentil soup/stew and that masala is specifically for sambar. I like anakalia's ideas for branching out with the masala. Experimenting with sambar is a good option, though. It is soupy but you can pour it onto plain white rice and have it as a meal, or just have it as a soup. If you have an Indian store nearby, you can pick up some frozen idli (flour-legume steamed cakes) and heat them up in the microwave and them eat them with your sambar.

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          1. re: luckyfatima

            Agree with idlis (altho' I make homemade), but also consider vadai or dosas.

          2. Thank You Everyone who replied !
            It's a big leap for me, I am a pretty traditional
            American cook :-D
            My Sister is Vegan and encourages me to try
            new things - she makes lots of curries !
            I had a really fun time looking through all
            the marvelous spices in that little shop !
            They actually had that cookbook ! ( 660 Curries )
            perhaps I will pick it up when I get home :-)
            Anyways, I think I will enjoy trying something a bit different
            so thanks again for the advice !
            (I also got some nice rubs, one for Salmon / one for Pork, YUM )

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