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Oct 3, 2012 12:21 PM

Two blokes banned from all you can eat buffet.

Saw this in the paper today.
Reminds me of the episode in the Simpsons where Homer got banned from the Frying Dutchmen.
Maybe Lionel Hutz will take the case!


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  1. Look up John Pinette's act on getting kicked out of the Chinese buffet.

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    1. re: Phaedrus

      A very funny bit I've heard before but didn't know his name.
      A couple lines from Pinette's bit that I find hilarious.
      "The owner was very rude. He came out every hour..." and "It says all you can eat, but not forever."

    2. It's all you can eat. They lose more on people not finishing food then these guys. What dumbasses. They paid like they were supposed to.how much unfinished food do they toss?

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      1. re: suzigirl

        I know many buffets where if you leave a lot of food on your plate - you are charged more -- which makes sense.

      2. LOL.... if a restaurant advertises "all you can eat" it should put up with the consequences.

        Those two guys do look grotesquely obese, but I think they're within their rights to be "a couple of pigs" at this restaurant.

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        1. re: drongo

          They did put up with the consequences once they paid. The restaurant just told them they are not allowed to come back in the future. It may be bad press, but the restaurant has the right to discriminate based on being "greedy". It is a private business.

          1. These men must have lacked manner and common courtesy, but the owner could have dealt with this in a much better way, perhaps by politely speaking to the guys and explaining the situation.
            Reminds me of Spirited Away, where Chihiko's parents pigged out all the food and were punished by being turned into pigs.

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            1. re: pearlyriver

              Yes! Thanks for the reminder about Spirited Away.