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Oct 3, 2012 11:13 AM

Birthday Lunch in Basking Ridge area

I'm planning a birthday lunch for my wife and about 30 guests (including kids) for next month. I'm looking for ideas in the Basking Ridge area of where to have it. Would like to keep it reasonable, like $30 or less per person.

I would be willing to do it in the main portion of a restaurant as a opposed to a private room and order off the menu. I would also consider renting a space and catering it. Would like to have 3 hours for the event.

Would appreciate your help.


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  1. Maybe the Mockingbird Cafe will accomodate. They make a nice lunch.

    1. No brainer. 3 West. Beautiful environment, great food, moderate prices. This is THE place in Basking Ridge!

      1. I should have specified this is going to be a Sunday afternoon affair, possibly Saturday afternoon.

        3West isn't open on Sunday afternoon and would probably be too expensive anyway though I will call.

        Mockingbird isn't great for kids and has a big brunch business on weekends so may not want to do this but I will ask.

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          Haven't eaten there in awhile, but the Bamboo Grille might be a possibility for you. My memory is that they could be set up for big events, the prices were reasonable, and the food was decent enough if not spectacularly memorable.

        2. I believe 3 West is open all day Sunday, from Noon. They are not that expensive, they even leave lots of lunch-type choices on their dinner menu, burgers, entree salads, and sandwiches. Under $15 for those. Sure, entrees go up into the $20s. It's a great place. I love it.

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            We went to a communion party last spring at Bistro 73 in bernadrsville that was awesome - the restauramnt was opened just for the party - the hosts are good friends of ours and they were able to keep the costs down by supplying their own beer and wine

            Afrim did a great job with the food - there were tons of kids and they gathered in the "front room" where teh tv is and had games and such while the adults were in the,main dining room...I have no idea what the cost was but Afrim is such a good guy I cant imagine he would not find a way to make it work - and having the entire restaurant for your birthday party would be really special.