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Oct 3, 2012 08:47 AM

Does anyone else find the presets on the Vitamix 750 Pro less useful than they thought?

OK, I'm sitting here with two Vitamix blenders. The 750 and the 300. One is going back! I admit I mainly wanted the 750 for it's looks, but I at least hoped I would also find the presets useful. On it's looks, I also don't find the presets lighting up in pale lilac that attractive next to the stainless finish. Blue would have been cooler! The presets seem to be just time set programs more than being adapted to the temperature and ingredients in the container. For instance the soup preset will run for 7 minutes whether you need that long or not. Starting with hot liquid will overcook your soup using 7 minutes until it shuts off. The smoothie is also a set time whether you need to process that long or not. It runs longer in case you have harder to blend veggies in your smoothie. It's basically covering it's rear :-). Just as easy to stop it when you don't see any pieces spinning around. The puree I don't find useful as you want different textures for different recipes. The frozen dessert preset still needs you to stand there with a tamper. I find I don't need all that time on the cleaning preset to get the container clean.

For those who have the 750 in what way do you find the presets useful? Am I missing something in not loving those presets? I wanted to get some feedback before returning it.

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  1. I have the 7200 and I am truly in love with it. I would only consider up grading if they develop a TRUE way of damping the noise to a decent level.
    I can't help but feel that the Vitemix 750 is really just a easy and quick way or "bridging the gap between Bentec and VItamix. I mean now they kinda look the same, presets, low countertop profile. I guess same thing goes for the 300.
    Anyway, I guess for me the VItamix 5200 is such a powerful, simple machine and which needs human interaction to get the best results. Where as the presets, low profile etc is just taking away and dumbing down the Vitamix IMO.

    I think the beauty of it is that we each can choose for ourselves. Have fun with either beast you end up with :-)

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    1. re: snax

      OK, so I guess it really is just me with the usefulness of these presets?. You're leading me to keep the 750, which isn't such an awful thing :-). I wish all my problems were like this! With the extra high cashback deal I got on it there's only an $80.00 difference between the 300 and the 750. It might be my imagination but it does seem a bit quieter than the 300 on the mid speeds. Would have really loved some more feedback on this quandry.

      Anyone want to add their $.02? Would be much appreciated!

    2. So you've had the Vitamix for some time. Are you finding the presets more useful or not at all? Is it worth the extra $130?

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      1. re: unprofessional_chef

        The lower height and the slight reduction in noise is worth the extra $130 alone. The other Vitamix models dont really fit under cabinets. The presets for me are a bonus. Like Dee I always use the clean and smoothie function. I got mine on sale at Williams-Sonoma for 20% off during the holiday season.

        1. re: VongolaDecimo

          Which holiday did you get the 20% off on? I've been looking and not finding any discount for Vitamix on William-Sonoma. Even the 10% off for signing up for their emails did not work. The fine print mentions exclusions. :(
          Any pointers on how to get a discount at WS would be greatly appreciated!

      2. I have had my 750 for 7 months.

        I always clean with the wash function.

        Make smoothies with the smoothie function.

        I don't know if it would clean as well or make smoothies as well on manual because I never use the manual.

        My GF tried cleaning it in the sink and she was not a happy camper. Then I showed her, drop of dish soap, fill it up half way and hit the wash function.

        I am not sure if I would pay an extra $130.

        I found mine on e'bay for $499.

        1. I chose the 750 back in April 2013 because I realized that there would likely be two people using it. I am very well-versed in the use of kitchen equipment; my boyfriend is challenged by the microwave. The pre-sets are useful for him, as he doesn't have to chase me down to review instructions on how to make a green smoothie.

          1. There's another thread somewhere (cant direct you, sorry) where people are talking about the vitamix presets. I had the same question, but mostly because I wanted the stainless finish -- that color is ony available with the 5 pre- sets. Here's my experience with my current VM Creations !!, bought from QVC. It took me awhile to get the hang of cleaning, without overflowing, and I didn't like having to stand there and watch -- even for a mnute. When I re-read the instructions and called VM they gave me additional instructions, whch solved the problem. The gist of the other thread comments had to do with the pre-sets not being effective. Run times too long, so the guac and the hummus were too thin, same with the soup. So....pls look around and find that other thread for more info.
            Would anyone who owns the 750 comment on scratching, please? The 750 with 5 presets only comes in one color -- they call it stainless, but its actually goldish, and I'd like to know if it scratches.

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            1. re: Elecktra

              I assume that you are referring to the container when talking about scratching. My 750 container doesn't "sparkle" any longer, but it certainly isn't scratched up either. I do own a dry container for processing flour and dry materials, and that likely helps.