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Oct 3, 2012 08:38 AM

Great food, good value? Coming to Vancouver in November

I will be in Vancouver for a weekend in November and am looking for some great places to eat that are a good value. Want to stick to Downtown, Kits or Main Street areas.

It's been 4 years since I lived in Vancouver and I know things have a changed a lot!

What are some of your favourite hole-in-the-wall joints?

Updated: Types of place I'm looking for: awesome breakfast downtown, soup & sandwich for lunch, places that use local ingredients, bakeries, interesting places.

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  1. breaky downtown: Cafe Medina
    soup and sandy: Meat & Bread
    great new bakery near main and escapes me right now
    hole in the wall on main: au petit cafe, hawker's delight

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      Ooh - new bakery on Main and 15th? Please post the name if you remember it.

    2. Interesting thread I'll be keeping an eye on. Always looking for good value in Vancouver!!
      For value I usually think ethnic.
      But aside from that Save-on-meats is a diner style place.. Good bang for your buck.

      1. I think Sardine Can is pretty good value for an evening meal in Gastown, though I see their prices have gone up since my last visit.

        If Street Meet food truck is still operating in November, they're excellent for lunch and are always doing interesting specials (porchetta, soups, etc). Twitter: @streetmeettruck

        1. If you can stretch to Gastown, Panino Enoteca has delightful panini (for lunch or dinner, or even late-ish night). Also a pretty good Italian wine list and some Italian beer too. Also really enjoyed the porchetta at Big Lou's in Railtown, which just has a wee counter and no loo so counts as a HITW I guess :-). And quite nearby is Cadeaux Bakery where the passionfruit meringue tart is worth a stop. Also a lovely space to sit in.

          Kits is a bit of a wasteland for good food and value, sadly. Zakkushi is fun and tasty.

          Main Street there are lots of choices. Maybe let us know what kind of food you are looking for to narrow it down a bit. Also whether you are interested in good coffee places...