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Oct 3, 2012 08:13 AM

bagful of poblanos, question

hello every one. i have a plastic grocery bag full of beautiful poblano peppers, the last this year from my fathers garden. im planning on stuffing them with a veggie, black bean, and mexican chorizo filling, and then pouring over my red enchilada sauce.
my question is, should i roast the peppers first? i had planned on cutting them in half length wise, and stuffing them like that, my fear is if a roast the peppers then they wont hold shape enough to hold stuffing. should i just bake them covered in the sauce for an hour? uncover for final 15 minutes, maybe ill add some cheese at that point.

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  1. I don't precook (same concern as you,) but I always pick them right off the plant for dinner. I don't know if letting them sit around toughens the skin or not but I've never really thought of them as a thick skinned pepper. If they're still fresh I wouldn't worry about it.

    Your "recipe" sounds delicious!

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      hey, i hope it is good. they are all assembled in the pan, sitting in the fridge for when i get home from class. they filling is really good, although wish i had some oregano and cilantro for them, needs an herbal note. i didnt bother precooking at all.

      i took about 5 mexican chorizo sausages, removed casing. and sweated them till they gave up plenty of fat. put them in a dry pan on medium/medium low. added diced onion, a red and yellow bell pepper from the garden, plently of mushrooms. sweated till everything reduced quite a bit. added salt and pepper to taste, probably a tablespoon of smoked paprika, teaspoon of chipotle powder, chopped garlic, and cumin. then a two tablespoons of masa harina. mixed around. added maybe a couple ounces of beer, so it all just sticks together. cut the tops off the peppers, and removed the veins. poured (sadly store bought) red enchilada sauce into a casserole dish. stuffed each pepper completely, and now there are sitting up right in the pan waiting for dinner time.

      now the question is should i add cheese after i take the foil off? or maybe serve with a sauce made from cilantro, lime juice, and equal parts sour cream and mayo? i dont know.

    2. Generally I parboil them so the skin softens up before stuffing. Then when I bake them the skin cooks completely.

      I have also roasted the peppers first and then removed the skin. This makes a very soft pepper, like a roasted red pepper or roasted green chile. I like to do this and when I do I either a) make sort of a casserole with layers of roasted pepper and stuffing, or b) use small single-serving dishes that I first spray with olive oil then add the roasted pepper. In both cases, the cheese topping gets cooked until bubbly and lightly browned making a wonderful presentation, IMHO.