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Oct 3, 2012 01:40 AM

green man & french horn, st martin's lane, london

this is the latest place in the terroirs:brawn:soif group and is really lovely.

we turned up without a booking at 6pm and were fine but the place quickly became packed. it's a nice space but tables are a little too close together - the one behind me was so close people couldn't actually squeeze in and had to be moved.

we shared three starters and one main - cep omelette, beetroot, dandelion and hazelnut salad and rillons (slow cooked pork belly) with endive plus mackerel with a watercress salad. puddings were poached pear with salted caramel sauce and a sable biscuit plus plum compote with cremet nantais (i can't remember exactly what this is but think it was a very fresh soft goats curd, whipped with a little icing sugar, which contrasted wonderfully with the sweet plums). portions are generous and we both left feeling very full!

we drank a lovely savenniere which cost £38 (the 2004, there are 3 at this price point) and the total bill, with service, was £99.

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