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Oct 3, 2012 12:23 AM

Florentine steak on a Sunday in Florence Italy?

Hello. I am wondering if anyone could recommend a great restaurant that is open for Sunday dinner that might serve bistecca? Any other recommendations would be most welcome. Thank you!

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  1. Have you checked to see if Sostanza is open on Sundays? It has been discussed and recommended on this chat board countless times.

    I would encourage you to go to the upper right-hand corner of this page and do searches for both Sostanza and bistecca to find past threads that will be of interest to you.

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      1. re: DavidT

        Unfortunately it is closed. It's tough to find a good restaurant open on a sunday

        1. re: DavidT

          Cipolla Rossa is open on Sundays, and has good bistecca.

          Tre Soldi is also open and is excellent. I'm not sure it has bistecca, but their tagliata - covered with lardo and herbs, is out of this world.

        2. Sorry, Sostanza is not open on Sundays, nor is Trattoria i due G, and of course Trattoria Mario is also closed. I'll check around a bit more and get back to you if I come up with other ideas.

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          1. re: lisaonthecape

            Thank you for being so willing to help me?

            1. re: clambake33

              La Lampara
              Via Nazionale, 36, 50123 Firenze, Italy
              +39 055 215164 ‎

              A remarkable restaurant, with a decent Florentine steak.
              There is a fireplace and a tree growing up in the middle of the floor. Just there last Sunday evening.

              1. re: clambake33

                Cipolla Rossa looks to be open on Sundays. I haven't tried their bistecca but had a very nice lunch there in April, plus the location is very convenient (Via dei Conti 53).

            2. Hi Clambake33

              The most famous steak house in Florence is open on Sundays - Da il Latini