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Oct 2, 2012 11:34 PM

Where can you buy a gallon of cream?

Not half and half - cream. Can only seem to find it in much smaller quantities. Any leads appreciated!!!

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  1. This is old but probably a good place to start...Smart & Final for manufacturing cream in half-gallons, etc.

    1. (this will be of small help) make some phone calls, there was a distributor whose office was based out of SF's Chinatown, sold and delivered by the quart. sorry I don't recall the name. we got all our office dairy from them, relatives of a co-worker.

      1. You can get 1/2 gallons of Producer's brand cream at Costco.

        1. I have never seen gallons of cream, even in Professional Kitchens 1/2 Gallons is the largest container I have seen. Both Clover and Berkeley Farms packs in 64oz Cartons
          If you know a chef you could order from their wholesaler

          1. Thank you for the replies!! Realized that Smart + Final and Costco may have it - pleasantly surprised to hear that Smart + Final may get theirs from Berkeley Farms (or at least did a few years ago). Will have to check it out.