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New Jell-O flavors

I noticed Mango Jell-O the other day - label said that it was a new flavor. Since I used mango nectar in place of the cold water when making it, I can't comment on how it tastes plain. A couple of years ago they came out with Pina Colada and Margarita flavors but I never found them in the stores. They do have Pineapple Jell-O, though, and I sometimes use coconut milk instead of cold water.
Oddly enough, the chain supermarkets in my area tend not to carry many flavors - I find pineapple, apricot, and peach only in a small independent grocery store. Not a big deal, since I often use plain gelatin and concoct my own jello with various canned and fresh fruits and juices.

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  1. Pineapple Jell-O with coconut milk - what a great idea! Must take just like a (virgin) piƱa colada right? One of my favorite desserts is raspberry Jell-O made with white grape & peach juice.

    1. Those flavors all make great Jello shooters. :::::shuffling away::::::

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          Yup, I can confirm the pina colada jello shots are ridiculously tasty. Advice, make more - wayyyyy more - than your sophisticated palate tells you to make. They go FAST.

            1. I imagine these have been discontinued (will they bring them back?) but in the past there were savory flavored Jello products: tomato flavored I think. Really, they were used to make aspic. I think there was also celery flavored Jello.

              1. These tropical fruit flavors have been around outside of the USA (and 'ethnic' markets) for years, just no under Kraft's Jello brand.

                Looking up 'pandan jello', I see there is a popular dessert in the Philippines using this along with coconut - Buko Pandan.

                I rather like pandan flavor (aroma more than taste). It has a vanilla like quality, though 'pandan flavoring' is more like a green food coloring.

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                  I roughly followed this recipe

                  using both pandan leaves and pandan flavoring, an envelope of Knox gelatin, sweetened flaked coconut, and some quick tapioca. The cream ended up being a coconut tapioca pudding. Overall a different and good combination. The appearance of my version was green jello cubes swimming in tapioca pudding.

                  or a more accessible version

                2. I'm in Upstate new york. I've seen the whole range of margarita, melon-fusion, pina colda, and pineapple ones available at my local Walmart and Hannaford (if there's of any benefit to help you find them). My price chopper does not have that much variety of them. There was some other 'new' flavor too...I remember a big promotional display maybe sometime in January? I'd be curious to try the pina colada, but haven't done so...maybe at some point.