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Oct 2, 2012 09:27 PM

Are there any good Greek grocery stores in the Chicago burbs?

Looking for fresh phyllo dough, and other things.

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  1. Fresh Farms is a local chain of Greek-owned "International" markets. They have a large selection of Greek products. I've never looked for fresh phyllo but I'd bet it's there (give them a call first).

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      Thanks, I also found Minos in Addison, Illinois. I thought Fresh Farms was Russian onwed. You are right that they have lots of international products.

    2. Spartan brothers in Niles (i think)is pretty good as well as Harvest time in the city. I know there is another harvest time location in the burbs just not sure where.

      1. Produce World in Morton Grove is Greek owned and has 6-8 types of feta, olives, greek cheese etc

        I have not seen fresh phyllo though.

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          Thanks for your replies. I will check those places out.

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            I've never seen fresh phyllo dough at Produce World or Fresh Farms. I doubt it keeps well and therefore wouldn't be at a grocery. A better bet might be trying to buy it from a Greek bakery.