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Oct 2, 2012 07:06 PM

Bernard Antony Cheese Tasting in VIeux Ferrette

My husband and I, along with another couple, are driving from Stuttgart to Paris, and we were thinking of taking the long way so we could stop in Vieux Ferrette to do the cheese tasting at Bernard Antony (among a few other stops).
This would be on a Saturday around lunch time.
I get the impression from their website that they actually serve lunch on Saturdays. Has anyone had lunch there? Or am I reading it wrong?
If we do the cheese tasting, is that basically lunch? or should we plan to eat somewhere else?

Thanks in advance for any advice y'all have!

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  1. When we were there, mid-week (lunch on a Friday) at this time last year, the "small" cheese tasting plate *was* our lunch, along with two nice aged wines -- and we would not have wanted more than that. Here are two photos (I hope). PS, sorry, the photo of the "small" chese plase did not load; all you get is wine. I'll try again later. -- Jake

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      Here's the small cheese plate, per person:

    2. It will be enough food, if not just order more cheese. As JD says his cellar is superb and filled with perfect Alsace wine pairers

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        Sounds fantastic! Thanks to you both. I wouldn't have even known about this place had it not been for the great advice of the chowhound boards!

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          This might also be interesting to you. In Mulhouse, about 40 Km away is the Schlumpf car collection, considered by many to be the best car museum in the world. They have, for example, every model of Bugatti ever made. do that early and drive to Vieux-Ferrette for lunch.