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Oct 2, 2012 06:47 PM

Gordon Ramsay's The Fat Cow

Anyone in the mid-city area going to check out The Fat Cow? I'm curious what guests are thinking. I might be able to make it over there in the next week or two myself.

I like what they did with the space, based on photos I've seen: I do agree that the menu doesn't sound particularly interesting, but you wouldn't have to pull my arm to get me to try the lobster mac n' cheese, or some of those desserts on the "moo-bar" list (clever).

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  1. Menu look's pretty typical but KevinEats did a review and said it was quite good. I'm not going out of my way for it (40+ minute drive no thanks) but it ain't no shitshow like The London (which I can see why he sold his stake in it).

    1. The place is a bit odd. The slender bartenders wear shirts that say 'Skinny Cow'. The fat workers do not wear a branded t-shirt at all. Isn't there something wrong with that? And the waiters touch you, before you see them coming... unusual etiquette for a restaurant.

      The food by the way is ok enough. I'd be willing to try it again. Though it is quite expensive for lunch.

      1. We had dinner tonight at The Fat Cow. My wife ordered the veggie burger, I had the cheeseburger, and our three year old daughter had the meatballs. Both burgers were totally unremarkable. They came with fries, which were fine, but also relatively unremarkable. My daughter disliked the meatballs because they were spicy--something I wish our server would have warned us about when we told her that our daughter would be having them for dinner. Since the meatballs were too spicy for my daughter, we then ordered the mac 'n' cheese, which was very creamy, cheesy (a hint of Gorgonzola?), and topped with breadcrumbs. My daughter ate that up. I tried her meatballs, and I thought they were tasty, spicy, and the right consistency (i.e., they were not overly dense). I thought the mac 'n' cheese was good, too, if a bit rich for my taste.

        All of that, an iced tea, a milk, and a beer plus tax and tip was about $95, which I thought to be a bit much for what it was. But, then again, we ate outside with all the holiday lights, fountains, and "snow" falling, all of which was as cheesy as the mac 'n' cheese, but, hey, that's The Grove. I'd be willing to go back and try some non-burger entree, but if I don't get around to doing so, no big loss.

        One last thing: I had read some blogs noting (with concern) that the restaurant has a children's menu. It no longer does, according to our server.

        1. Besha @ the L.A. Weekly gave the Fish n Chips a thorough thumbs DOWN.

          1. My husband and I ate there a couple of weeks ago with the kids nd were totally unimpressed. We shared the beet salad, the salmon and green beans. The salad was nothing we could not have made at home, the salmon was underwhelming and the green beans were salty. My teen had the burger and my daughter had the margarita pizza. The burger was ok and the fries were the best thing we ate all night. The pizza was bland.

            It was expensive and underseasoned. We won't be back anytime soon.