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Oct 2, 2012 06:45 PM

Yet another Rendezvous shout-out

I don't frequent Rendezvous often enough. Met up with two friends after work. Steve was firmly in the front of the house, making sure everyone felt welcomed and comfortable. We had lovely glasses of red, and shared absolutely delicious grilled pizza, and tangy and succulent white bean seafood salad.

I love this place.

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    1. The lasagna, Sunday night specials, ambiance and bar just " pulls me back in".

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      1. re: FeeFiPho

        brilliant handle; thx for the laugh!
        i'm a big fan of his especially luscious sardines(Portuguese) and that signature Lemon dessert (1/2 pudding, 1/2 cake.)

      2. it's the tapas that do it for me. Steve is such a lovely man and the tapas are a wonderful value...each one has thoughtful touches with high quality ingredients.

        1. I think Rendezvous is one of the best all around restaurants in the area. Great for a casual meal, but also upscale enough for something more fancy. Great food. Excellent wine and beverage program. Very reasonable prices. And a great place to bring a group; it's our go-to place when the whole family -- a group of 8-12 -- wants to dine out together.

          1. A few weeks ago after a spectacularly bad day, I stopped in here to drown my sorrows in the lemon-buttermilk pudding and some port. And it worked! I'm nowhere near a regular here, but this is really one of my favorite spots in town.