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Oct 2, 2012 06:29 PM

Caesar's Palace Bacchanal Buffet-Best Times

What are the best times to go to a well attended Buffet in general, and the Bacchanal specifically? The hours of the Bacchanal are 7 AM to 10 PM.

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  1. I never go to breakfast buffets. They aren't any cheaper than ordering someplace a la carte and you're not getting the premium buffet items they serve at other times. At Bacchanal, I would go for lunch (get in line around 10:30a for the 11a lunch service) or dinner, which I believe starts at 4:00p. If you can, avoid Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but if you can't, go early and be prepared to wait. Also note, they only serve king crab legs -- no more stone crabs or snow crabs -- people found them too hard to open. Enjoy.

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    1. I went last Monday at 4:30pm and there was no wait, with abundant king crab legs.

      Mr Taster