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Oct 2, 2012 06:22 PM

How is the food at the Momofuku Roundtable events? Anyone been?

How is the food at the Momofuku Roundtable events? Anyone been? They look like fun, but with the noodle bar and the ssam bar just a stone's throw from my apartment, I wanted to investigate these uptown events before buying tickets.

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  1. I'm under the impression that there isn't food... or if there is, it's just some token finger food, maybe coffee, etc, but I wouldn't even count on that. I think they're really just presentation / talks. Maybe you can order off the regular MP lunch menu. At $35, one would hope they'd include at least a little something, though, if only comp you the latest issue of LP...

    1. Update: according this wsj article, appears there's some basic food served buffet style, or at least there was at this past event -

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        Thanks, Seth. i'm not a WSJ subscriber, so I couldn't access the article.
        But I'm surprised nobody here has been to one of these events!

        1. re: hungrycomposer

          Looked like from the photos in the WSJ they had pork buns, a snap pea salad, one other kind of sandwich option, and what looked like maybe a brownie from Milk Bar.

      2. I've been twice--the first time we were served items off the Ma Peche lunch menu and the second time featured Ma Peche's new large format, chicken & lamb and rice. Awesome experience for 35 bucks.

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        1. re: rodchenko

          Was it like getting a whole lunch? Or just snacks while they talked?

          1. re: hungrycomposer

            It's a whole lunch served after the talk.

        2. This is probably a wholly inappropriate post, but I listened to "Almost Truths and Open Deceptions" during dinner tonight (that's how this is arguably on-point here), and I think it may be the best yet. Great stuff. Thanks.

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