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Oct 2, 2012 06:14 PM

Montreal's Restaurant Week

Quite a few restaurants participated.

Planning on trying any of these restaurants? I reserved Toque for now.

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  1. looks interesting, so many restaurants participating and also have food tours across the city, heres the english version in case outoftowners would like to make reservations for nov1-11; thats one of the reasons I love Montreal always something special going on!

    the tourism site also have a food buzz report that can be useful to bookmark

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    1. re: mangoannie

      Wow. I reserved like 6 of these.
      Sadly, Europea appears to be entirely booked for this time, unless they aren't handling reservations via opentable for this period? Let me know if anyone else manages to get a table there..

    2. We going to Ferreira for one simple reason, asides from the fact that we love it:


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      1. re: 514eats

        Anytime after 10pm for 23.95$, 6 days a week.

        1. re: causeimhungry

          514eats - did you call in order to make a reservation? I tried their open table, but says that I am reserving too far in advance.

          1. re: Jaetee

            I tried to book for Europea and it was blocked out for the entire Restaurant week. I'm going to call them to reserve, not sure why they would have the opentable link if they don't want us to book that way.

            1. re: causeimhungry

              Yes, let us know if this works for you. I'll call as well if that is the case.

            2. re: Jaetee

              Same result. Yes I called the restaurant directly.

              1. re: 514eats

                I booked with 400 coups on opentable and it worked fine. Very excited...never been there.

                1. re: kimberleyblue

                  I think many of the restaurants work on opentable, with a few exceptions (Ferreira, Van Horne, etc)

            3. re: causeimhungry

              Wow, really? Did not know that! Thanks!

          2. Is this the first time Montreal is having a restaurant week or has this been going on for awhile? I was recently reading Boston's board and many were saying their restaurant week wasn't worth it and were advising people to stay away from those restaurants for that week. Most complaints were that the food wasn't up to the usual standards of the place and portions were too small. Some were saying it was a better deal to order off the regular menu. Does this also apply to Montreal's restaurant week? The prices and menus seem very enticing.

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            1. re: causeimhungry

              it says it is first time here, but looks well organized. Its a deal to try some new places at those prices. I am sure portions will be smaller, they were at some of the montreal highlight lunch places but I went to restos I would never have tried otherwise. I dont think you can compare with Boston and anyways you can go to highend restos here for a good price. Thats why I like the late night menus.

              1. re: mangoannie

                Judging by the quality of the late night dinner specials at our other high end restaurants, I expect good quality. Usually the dishes are just less elaborate and quicker to prepare.

                1. re: catroast

                  I don't know about Boston's restaurant week, but during the ones they hold in New York, most places ususally offer separate restaurant week menus with a limited number of items, in addition to offering their regular menu - as it appears they are doing here. While the portions are usually the same size, the types of dishes offered will contain less expensive ingredients (though not lesser quality - ie chicken, but not duck).