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Oct 2, 2012 05:48 PM

How to freeze/thaw blue cheese

I have a recent blue cheese obsession and have decided to pick up a new variety each week as a semi-extended tasting "party." I buy the smallest quantity possible, but since I prefer to use it on steaks/burgers, there is still always a significant amount leftover. I'm really interested to start exploring my blue cheese horizons, but don't want to waste money or good cheese if the leftover will go bad. I know that you should store firm cheeses wrapped in butcher paper and lightly wrapped in plastic wrap, but is it possible to freeze blue cheese? Also what is the best way to defrost it so that I can crumble it before use? Thanks. Also, any recommendations? I have not ventured far yet - Maytag, Stilton and Gorgonzola. I really enjoyed the creaminess of the Gorgonzola but both the stilton and gorgonzola were less flavorful than I enjoy. I actually found the Maytag to have the biggest bite so far. Should I just move on to Roquefort? Any thoughts on Saint Agur?

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  1. Freezing will totally change the texture.

    It won't be useable as a fresh cheese anymore but you can cook with it, making a dressing or sauce.

    Also there are so many blue and semi blue cheeses that you (I think) haven't tasted that you need to find a good cheesemonger and work with them.

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      Yea, I assumed the texture would change, so not a good idea as a steak topper?

    2. St. Agur has some additional non-blue flavor you may or may not like -- I don't. Try a heavily-veined piece of Societe Roquefort (much less $ at Trader Joe's, if you have access). Valdeon is also quite strong, but not as tasty as Societe, IMO.

      Although I agree that freezing will change the texture, I don't think that's a big consideration for your use.

      1. Any thoughts on how to thaw? Just leave it in the fridge overnight or would it be possible to just take it out an hour or so before I plan to use it? Would I be able to crumble it still frozen?

        1. Try Point Reyes from California or my absolute favorite blue is Valdeon from Spain

          1. I agree with C.Hamster. Find a local cheese shop where you can buy small pieces off the wheel. You will have access to a wider variety of blues and also be able to buy smaller pieces so that you're not wasting or freezing.

            Blues will keep quite awhile (several weeks should be doable) under refrigeration when properly wrapped. I would freeze as a last resort.