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Oct 2, 2012 05:39 PM

SF visit - restaraunt suggestions very appreciated

My wife and I will be in SF arriving the evening of Oct 15th. We are staying just off Union Square. Would like suggestions for evening meals....

1) The night we arrive would like something nice and casual - considering Grandview Bar for appetizers and cocktails and the night time view. Any other suggestions for a relaxing light meal?

2) Oct 16 - we are doign the 5-hour SF tour during the day - would like a nice evening meal - price for the two of us - $150 range including cocktails - can be casual or a bit more than casual - looking for a meal that excites the tastebuds - considering Perbacco or some of the Belden Place establishments

3) Oct 17 - our last night - would like it to be special/romantic atmosphere - would like the meal to remember SF by. $150 - $200 range OK -

Your help and recommendations are very appreciated - thanks! Ron

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  1. Gitane for your first night.

    Aziza for your second night.

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    1. For your last night, I'd say La Folie.

      Other possible options would be Quince, Keiko a Nob Hill, or Fifth Floor.

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        CarrieWas218 and goldangl95......thank you very much for your suggestions. I'll check them out.